I am so happy it’s Friday! It’s so cold outside. I plan to snuggle up in the fluffiest blankie I can find get some yummy food and just cocoon this weekend. I’ve been dreaming about this weekend all day and Dr, Stone was a great way to start it!

What I thought Would Happen

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but for some reason I thought it would be a character development episode with Magma bringing out new sides of the other two guys. I wasn’t sure though. Magma had been quiet for a while but he was super evil before. He was planning to straight up murder Ruri.

Magma also almost killed Chrome so I figured maybe Chrome could save his life in a parallel and they would come out with new begrudging respect for one another.

What Did Happen

The episode was actually sections into two parts, a main part and an extended end tag.

The main part was really just the three boy’s expedition to get tungsten. It was a fairly straightforward trip but Magma and Senku did manage to get themselves trapped in a pit for a little while.

Luckily, they both got out unhurt and went on to find not only the precious tungsten but a veritable treasure trove of rare minerals.

And yes, the three of them did do a bit of bonding and hatchet burying so everyone is friends now!

The end tag was a very sweet bait and switch. We had been getting these glimpses of Gen being up to something. Unlike the ominous mood he was giving out, what he had actually been doing is getting a birthday present together for Senku. A telescope at that, which is the perfect gift really. And the entire village decided to help out and build an entire observatory. Maybe it’s cause I’m so tired but it hit me in the feels!

What About the Characters

I knew Magma needed to get some type of arc. He’s really only been a plot device character so far and he simply wasn’t developed enough to take center stage for an entire episode.

And predictably Magma got a bit of a character arc. A redemption one actually. Turns out he was able to set his pride aside and come through when push came to shove. To be honest, I’ m still not quite sure what Magma’s character archetype is. Now that he’s no longer a clear antagonist he sort of overlaps with Kinro a bit. Then again, with Tsukasa coming, we don’t really need any extra antagonists.

Actually this episode was just handing out redemption arcs left and right. Gen got one too. It was way more subtle because Gen doesn’t actually need a redemption but nevertheless. He went from being a slightly trollish but generally reliable ally to being an actual friend. Honestly, getting this level of loyalty for the price of a single bottle of cola is a really great deal.

What I Liked

I actually am a big sucker for redemption arcs. I just like them.

I also found that end tag genuinely touching. Not only the beautiful gesture but how Senku was supposed to get a gift of science for his birthday and he did. I keep mentioning it but I share Senku’s passion for space so whenever Dr. Stone leans into that I feel instant kinship.

For most of the series Dr Stone has had an extremely distinct and fairly limited colour palette of greys, browns and lots and lots of green. I didn’t hate it at all but seeing the world covered in beautiful white snow is a nice change. It’s very peaceful!

What I Liked Less

I did say I like a redemption arc . I didn’t lie. This said, Magma’s felt a bit unearned. Objectively speaking Magma may be one of the most reproachable characters in the series (bad guys included), and we haven’t really seen him grow and evolve out of that. He was horrible, he got defeated and now he’s a good guy. I can sort of fill in the blanks. There are plenty of reasons Magma could have had a change of attitude but it still seemed a bit too sudden. I wish we would have seen a bot more of his journey.

The entire expedition felt a little useless. I almost think it could have happened off camera. Just because it was too quick for anything to really happen.

Closing Thoughts

This was one of my least favourite episodes in recent memory and I still quite liked it. It was not that exciting but it was also just generally harmless fun. I chuckled and was happy to be watching. A great episode at the end of an exhausting week. Dr Stone once again delivers as far as I’m concerned.

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