The nice thing about not looking at what is coming out in the next season is that sometimes you get these pleasant surprises. While In/Spectre isn’t going to have the broad appeal of bigger anime, for those who like their fun supernatural stories this one certainly has all the signs of being pretty entertaining.

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I’m a pretty simple soul, predictable and shallow. I think that in my case this has gone a long way to establishing my secret to happiness. It may seem irrelevant to mention in what is essentially just an excuse to post a bunch of In/Spectre screencaps but I think it sort of explains why I like the look of this show so much.

Anyways, I like how In/Spectre looks so I took a lot of screen captures. I also discussed episode 1 with Karandi and you can read what we had to say by following the link above. I hope you do 🙂

Let’s be honest, the look of In/Spectre isn’t particularly special. It’s nice but also somewhat generic. It has those big furry eyelashes which I tend to associate with the Saga of Tanya the Evil (love that show) that can be a hit or miss design choice for me. In this case it’s hit because they’re on Kotoko and I have fallen deeply. stupidly in love with Kotoko for reasons even I can’t quite grasp

This said Kurou is potentially the most “average” looking anime character I’ve ever seen, and all things considered, that’s pretty awesome.

The light is intentionally dull in In/Spectre. Not only is there just not that much light but the colours are a little desaturated to give that somewhat dull look usually reserved for serious, grim, adult stories. (Adult in age not as in sexy…) The thing is, In/Spectre is often silly and funny so there’s a gentle clash here and I like it.

This is where the episode got going. Man I had fun!

Also that’s a pretty intimidating Kappa. I know kappas are supposed to be a little monstrous. They do drown people after all (like mermaids, mermaids are evil don’t believe the PR). However, all the kappas I’ve seen in anime were either adorable or well meaning looser. As such I’ve never conceived of an actually scary looking one. This is the closest so far.

Since I’m a Yokai fangirl, I’ve seen a lot and tend to pay attention to their design. I noticed that the ones crowding around young Kotoko are all sort of cute and have the wrong number of eyes as a predominant part of their design. Most living things with eyes tend to have two in more or less symmetrical layout. So anything that diverges from that norm will immediately look weird and alien.

I have to say, little Kotoko’s mutilation and recovery were a bit more graphic than I was prepared for. I’m not complaining, if anything the scenes sort of shocked me to attention but In/Spectre is definitely not for young children.

There’s also an undercurrent of magical realism in the way the Yokai scenes play out. It leaves the door open for the possibility that both leads really are crazy. I don’t think that’s where the show is going at all, but the fact that it’s possible is a little exciting.

Lots of good eye closeups. There’s no deeper meaning. Well maybe there is but I don’t know what it is. I’m trying to put together a future post on anime eye colour and shape so I do appreciate a series that puts an emphasis on eyes.

InSpectre ep1-9 (5)

It’s wonderful how you can just see when Kurou has gone dark. It’s not a drastic change yet it’s so clear. Those amber eyes…

InSpectre ep1-9 (6)

I took a screen cap of the tribal like design in the ED. I thought I might use it as a background to my blog but it didn’t look good mostly because the tiles didn’t align perfectly. I still think it’s neat.

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  1. Adulting isn’t all dull. We still joke and have fun. That is, if i can lay claim to being adult. I’ve been doing lots of adulting the last couple of months. Ugh. Back to some nice light anime! I was looking forward to this one, and now even more so. Yokai? I’m in. Is that a tanuki? Okay where do I watch…

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