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    1. Ah, wait. Fine print right there at the beginning. Promoting a friend’s book. Nevermind.

        1. Are you familiar with the term “crackfic”? Its from fan fiction. It refers to a story which reads like the person who wrote it was on crack. Crackfics exist, and many are funny and frantic kinds of humor, even in fan fiction. Along similar lines of the story you are recommending is a story based on an omake written by Rorschactsblot, taken up by Andrew Joshua Talon (Lellis), whom I knew in college and whose uncle is running for congress to replace Pelosi. Anyway, Lellis wrote a funny crackfic where sad little girlish Harry Potter is not involved in romance at school because at home in Surrey he’s famous as the bad boy all the parents warn their daughters to stay away from. This has obvious results. And the crackfic written about it is hilarious without actually being porn. The story is titled: That Boy Is Trouble. Read and laugh. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5708111/1/

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