I still haven’t figured out how to start posts. I’ve been only doing this for over a year…..

Blogging is important to me in that it’s a hobby I enjoy. It’s also a hobby which I believe has a lot of great side benefits but in the end it’s still just a hobby. It’s an optional part of my life. And let’s be fair, it’s pretty dang demanding as far as hobbies go. I think we’ve all had those days when work has been exhausting and you’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours too. You’re a bit under the weather, your shoulders are stiff. You’ve just collapsed onto your couch and you think to yourself ” oh great… I HAVE to blog…” Those aren’t great days. I think most of us just end up pushing the blogging back to a later date and either reading posts or doing a less demanding hobby.

But sometimes those days stretch into weeks, or even months. We have “real” lives that take priority after all. So what can a real girl like me, with responsibilities and concerns, do to hold onto blogging through all that.

anime exhausted
you mean yesterday?

This may seem like a bit of an odd post coming from me. After all, my most impressive feat as a blogger by far, has been my consistent daily schedule. But I have bills to pay and receipts to give just like everyone else. My uneven health also keeps reminding me that I am not in fact a robot who does not know they’re a robot (or I have one quirky programmer). Point is sometimes I just can’t find the time or energy to write, format or even come up with a decent idea for a post (cough, case and point, cough) and this can last for days.

My posting schedule is something I am proud of. The thought of messing it up fills me with unspecified dread. You guys know that I’m that type of crazy… So when those times hit, on top of whatever else may be going on that’s draining me of my energy and will to blog, I start putting all this unnecessary pressure on myself to blog. To just write something, anything. You can imagine how well those posts  turn out. To stay up til the middle of the night, finding just the right pic. Justifying those paragraphs. Missing the gadjillion typos.

It’s pretty dumb of me. I know that. Even my huge swollen head isn’t delusional enough to think anyone would be particularly bothered if I skipped one day. I would in fact be rather surprised if anyone noticed. But the thought still bothers me. It itches my brain. Beyond that, writing has become a bit of a calming ritual for me. Like meditation. When I don’t do it for too long, I start to feel off. So how do I ward off the real world and the blogging blues?

anime in real world
I love these

As I’ve said before, I’m all about that sweet sweet scheduling. This allows me to weather busier periods without it showing too much on my posting. My amount of scheduled posts goes down but you guys don’t see that so it’s not as bad. Because unexpected events come up, I like to have the leeway provided by planning ahead.

I also write these. And by these I mean letter type posts where I share my frustrations and more often my excitement of blogging, with you guys. Excitement of blogging seems like a weird sentence. I’m pretty sure it’s wrong. Don’t know how to fix it. Anyways, these posts allow me to let out some steam or remind me why I think it’s important for me to actively make time for the blog. They serve as a type of refreshment and cleansing ritual. And yeah, if I’m writing one now, it’s because I feel I need it.

I don’t know if you picked up on that, but I did mention making time. I completely understand fellow bloggers who tell me they can’t find time to blog. It really is consuming for most of us. I know some of you are superstars and can whip up a post in 15 minutes but mine take way way longer. I don’t have any magic advice, I’m in the same boat. Sometimes in order to blog, I need to put other things aside. I don’t start video games until the post is done. I’ll stay home to finish episodes I need to watch for collabs. I combine my anime watching with my workouts and type them on public transit. Basically, I’ve arranged my life in some ways to create time for the blog but at a compromise. I realize I’m lucky, some people have already sacrificed all their free time to responsibilities, there’s nothing left over.

anime on bus
I don’t remember the last time I didn’t write on the bus

But if you can find 15 minutes to half an hour in your day to write. I firmly recommend you try to write something down. It can just be an outline or a single paragraph. You don’t have to finish everything in one go. Even if you never get around to posting the stuff. It’s really a great way to clear your mind and get your thoughts and feelings out.

I mean look at this message. I just spent an hour talking in circles, saying very little in the process, but I feel so much better. While I was writing this I remembered how much effort I put in my blog and was a little proud. I realized everyone has their challenges and some are much bigger than mine. I whined and moaned about my non-problems till I forgot all about them. And I got to talk to my friends, which is always a plus. If this rinky dink post can do that, imagine what yours will accomplish!!!

**** March 19, 2019 – I wrote this post some time ago, it had a lot of references to Buddy, it was also scheduled to publish last month. After what happened I rescheduled it for later because I wasn’t ready to reread and erased all the references. Now I feel kind of bad about it. I just wanted to share****


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  1. It’s funny how I was writing about this EXACT topic today and then noticed you had as well.

    I think what you said about allocating time to blogging is so true for anything. When I was teaching, I always stressed to my students about “making time” to study English no matter what occupation they held or how time consuming their daily proceedings were. Easier said than done obviously, but humans are too creative not to find ways to spend even a little time doing the things they love. Clearly, you did.

    1. I coincidentally write posts identical to my fellow bloggers at the same time on a very regular basis….I look forward to reading yours!

  2. Oh man, after almost a year of no blogging I am well-acquainted with trying to fit blogging into “real life” and all the problems that come with it. Granted, I don’t post nearly as much as you do and I give you mad props for making that kind of time.

    And I know this isn’t an ISO advice post, but I heard once at a conference that “you are your biggest asset when it comes to writing. If you don’t take care of yourself you’re basically killing the goose that lays golden eggs.” So if you feel like you need a break one day to help you write better for the rest of the week I say go for it.

  3. I used to have quite a lot of drafts saved for top 5 lists and features for weeks when I was feeling really rushed so that I always had something kind of ready to go. However, the last six months have pretty much depleted those given it has been nothing but rushed months and times when I’m feeling a little bit under the weather. That’s why I scaled back my posting schedule a couple of weeks a go to try and get things back into some kind of rhythm and mostly I have and I’m back up to full speed, but I still don’t have any kind of back up if things hit a bump again.
    Like you, I know it doesn’t matter if I miss a day or only put out two posts instead of three. The readers who even notice will understand. Nobody but me cares. But for whatever reason, I care a lot, and I want to keep things going as they have been and not slow down.

    1. I understand perfectly. I know I would feel really weird without a Karandi post in my day (no pressure…)

      1. I’m glad you feel that way. I really appreciate the people who check in every day, or even those who seem to visit once a week but work their way through the postings. It makes me feel like all that typing is somehow meaningful and worthwhile and it just makes me happy.

  4. Tbh, I feel really lucky if I get one post out in a month! Blogging is hard esp. for us who’s only doing this as a hobby and not for a living. So I really appreciate it when I see bloggers like you (who lives normal lives) and still finds the time to write something on a regular basis. It motivates me to do more on my own! <3

  5. This is so relatable concerning the ‘bad days’ and scheduling. Back in january when i had a bunch of scheduled posts it was a beautiful time, now im back to usually producing stuff on the day of the post. Scheduling really makes life so much easier. When i have to make posts on the day, it can easily end up being unsatisfying cause i havent thought it out enough.

  6. Well, don’t I know that it’s hard to find time!! Wait… Nicole? *Irina squints into the dark corner where I’m crouched* Is that you?? You’re alive?!
    Yes, yes I’m alive… Just barely. My new “super chill, laid back” job turned into a “just move your cot over near that fermenters and don’t mind the chain…. We might add a couple links over time if you’re good.”
    Am I saying I hate it and they’re slave drivers?? HELLS NO! Am I saying I’m there all hours of the day and night to the point that I dream about it and haven’t had time to enjoy anyone’s blogs or read many books?? *hangs head* Yes. BUT, I WORK IN A BREWERY!! Doesn’t that just SCREAM Nicole?!
    ….. I miss you all so much… 😢😢

  7. And in over a year, you have one of the biggest aniblogger followings on this site!

    Clearly, doing what you do, being you, has worked great so far. Do you think you can do better? Then by all means, please continue improving your content.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  8. As usual I’ll run my mouth on comment section and twitter. I’m too lazy to be a consistent blogger anymore xDD. Schedule, ya had the craze for it back in the day. Same with copying a post template. These days when I do schedule, I have more fun putting dumb messages when the post is scheduled.

    ‘What ya gonna do when the bloopster runs off with your cheese and scribbles on your hamsters face. what ya gonna do when the bloopster raids your fridge’

    … okay err.. yeah i’ll leave it there..

  9. Just writing, even if what comes out is absolute crap to your eyes, is a valuable and useful habit to get into. Sometimes the things you produce when you feel least focused end up being the pieces that resonate the most with people — I know that’s happened to me on a number of occasions!

    Even ignoring other people, though, it’s just helpful to let your thoughts spill onto the page on a regular basis. It helps get things out of your system, and sometimes put things in order.

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