I love this question and it’s so perfect for the show. Out of all the little stylish touches in Soul Eater’s designs, I think the slightly menacing astral bodies are the most striking.

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  25. Moon or Sun?
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so is that a nose or?

Moon or Sun?

In general, my choice usually goes to moon. I like moons better, they switch up their designs, you can walk on them and for now at least, they don’t burn you. Also your eyes won’t fall out from looking at a lunar eclipse.

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an moonlight is so flattering…

But for this particular question, I just gotta go sun!

Soul Eater’s moon design is fun. That bloody smile really got my attention when I first started watching the show. It gave me shades of Majora’s mask (favorite Zelda). I remember thinking that the show would be worth watching on style points alone. But for all the creepy fun the Moon brings to any scene, it’s sort of a standard design. Variations of that smiling crescent are pretty easy to find and although the blood was a nice little extra touch, it’s not that special.

The sun on the other hand is absolutely unique. Despite the lack of bodily fluids, it’s just as menacing, maybe even more so. We already associate night time with monsters and nightmares, it’s somewhat expected for the moon to have something frightening about it, but when the sun turns on you, you’re in deep.


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the implications of  sleeping sun are interesting

The unmistakably evil grin and veiled eyes of Soul Eater’s sun immediately mark it as something to be wary of. Combine that with the bold 3d geometric design, those pointy cones sticking out like daggers, and the aggressive colors of a predatory beast, you are left with a truly one of a kind and entirely frightening star.

What more can you ask for to watch over you every day.


Suggested drink : Sun Punch

  • Every time the moon cackles – take a sip
  • Every time the sun changes expressions – take a sip
  • Every time the moon passes behind the clouds – take a sip
  • Every time the sun shines bright – take a swig
  • Every time the sun laughes – shiver

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20 thoughts

  1. Moon for me! I sure wonder what raw flesh it eats…
    Oh, and I love how Medusa always chooses the right spot in the sky so that she’s perching in front of it!

  2. Hmmm although I agree with you, I will have to go with the moon! Don’t know why, but Soul Eater sun pushes my buttons! Don’t ask me why or how, but it just does! It’s one of those things lolol

        1. That’s the thing that I love about Portugal! Sunny days throughout the year! It almost seems like Spring here right now eheh (although I wouldn’t mind to have snow from now and then)

  3. Just imagine waking up one morning, expecting a sunrise and you see a sun appear with that evil grin…that for me would be a good enough reason to just slip back into bed and go to sleep again lol 😂😂

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