OK, I looked it up and there are 13 episodes to this season of Tower of God. Good because I’m not ready for it to be over next week. But I’m totally gonna be ready for it to end two weeks from now… For the record, I tried the webtoon again and I still just like the anime so much more. Not that the webtoon is bad and I’m still in the very early chapters so I have no doubt it gets better but I just really like this adaptation.

I might still read it all after the season is over, if no second season is announced.

Undeniably, one of the great aspects of the anime for me is the visuals. I love this art. I think it’s stunning. It’s am actual challenge to keep my screencaps down to anything close to a reasonable number each week. But can you blame me? I currently have over 500 and I’m not entirely sure how to feel about it.

Also, before we get into this particular episode, I do wish that the show would stop Yuri baiting us. Also this context is now my favourite context for using the expression “Yuri baiting”. I’m already hooked man… just give me the Yuri already. Maybe her crew will come in to help out last minute. After all, she does need to get Black March back, can’t let ram boy get it. And why haven’t we seen more of Black March? You know, if I just start listing the stuff I want to see more of, we’re gonna be here all day. And we got a lot of screencaps to get to!

So this episode was title The Final Test, Underwater Hunt pt.1. And I do not believe for one second that this is the last test the Tower is going to be putting our friends through. I’ve decided we’re all friends. More importantly though, as a part 1, it’s exactly what you expect. An exciting set up and a soft cliffhanger. I call it soft because the stakes have been revved up to 11 since the beginning of the story but I supposed it’s an honest to goodness real cliffhanger with the lives of not one but two main and popular cast members hanging in the balance.

Princesses of Jahad seem to be very powerful but that’s mostly compared to the rest of the climbers(?), contestants(?). When you put them up against actual rankers, they become a lot less impressive. Sure they may have gotten the better of Quant but that’s only because he plays by the rules. He doesn’t have to. If only there could be just one more princess t come to the aid of her sisters. Cough Cough.

I have no clue why I’m so obsessed by a character we have seen like a total of 10 minutes at the very most, over 11 episodes. I could wager a guess but this is a family blog.

No wait, it’s not. It’s full of alcohol. Yuri’s hot. I have a feeling that’s a pretty big part of it.

Anyways, the gist of the episode is that Bam’s request to take the admin test (administrator sounds like such a boring title) was granted and this is what everyone is going through now. If they pass, it’s almost a free ticket to the top, if they fail. Well I’m not actually sure but they way the episode was turning out, maybe dooooommmmmm!

So this last test is of course ridiculous, needlessly over-complicated and I really, really like it. If it was an MMO quest it would be the one I’m most looking for to redoing on every single alt. There are so many layers and possibilities to this and it tests out so many different potential character strengths. And the weirdness of it, essentially trying to manipulate events so that your teammates get devoured by one huge monster instead of another different monster… There’s something symbolic of this whole story in that.

I assume I’m going to have a lot more to say next week when the actual revelations come. As usual Kuhn’s figured out something or at least he knows something is amiss. And as usual he’s not telling anyone. I know he’s a light bearer and basically a strategist but I never realized that it means staying in a comfy control cube the entire time and watching from a safe distance. That’s definitely what I would want to be. Actually no, I would want to work in the cafeteria.

Don’t think it was wasted on me that Bam’s second most cherished thought was of them all eating and being happy together in the cafeteria. The only times that actually happened was when they were all drunk (twice so far…) Bam and I, we got some things in common. Bam also really reminded me of Deku this episode. The huge eyes, hyper optimistic behaviour and dark unkempt hair. OK I realize I just described 94% of all shonen heroes but there’s just something about how his meekness is almost a strength and the way he’s nice to everyone, even when they are not nice to him. When he was staring up at those fish in wonder, I could just see Midoriya there. It’s nice to have similar archetypes explored in very different settings with such disparate themes.

Anyways, like I was saying. Great episode, I luved it. Cannot wait till next Wednesday.

Tower of God ep11 (55)

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  1. It took me a while to get “Yuri baiting”. I’m slow. It’s the perfect expression, though. I’m completely uncertain about the status of princesses, and how that connects to the weapons. Maybe we’ll find out?

    I liked the episode, but it’s sort of hard to say much about it, I find. Still hoping for a second season, and still not heartbroken if it ends up not coming.

    1. It’s a setup episode. I would be quite happy f it got another season. I would prefer if Noragami got another season but that’s not saying much

  2. ‘Also this context is now my favourite context for using the expression “Yuri baiting”.’


    “No wait, it’s not. It’s full of alcohol. Yuri’s hot. I have a feeling that’s a pretty big part of it.”

    Absolutely she is. Interesting personality, too. I mean, she kicked Bam in the face — I doubt that’s the only way she could have stopped him! And as strong as Endorsi and Anaak are, I have a feeling Yuri’s even more powerful.

    “Actually no, I would want to work in the cafeteria.”

    Probably be a great place to hear all sorts of fascinating stories.

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