Well of course i got this out late so: Fiddle Sticks Yeah! 300 and some!

Do you guys read Seasonal Prattle? You really should, it’s fantastic. They also do a weekly feature that essentially tackles different aspect of blogging itself, and more specifically of anime blogging. It seems to be aimed primarily at professional or aspiring professional bloggers but the suggestions and advice are solid and bound to be useful to anyone trying to upkeep a blog.

I really enjoy posts about blogging and go out of my way to read them attentively whenever anyone publishes one. You guys are all quite good at this and I appreciate when someone is generous enough to share the fruits of their experience with others.

I read those posts, I understand exactly how and why the principles apply, then I do the opposite… Part of it is because I have come to understand that I will never make a living from blogging. That’s fine – I love this odd sharing time we have, as it is.

Part of it is that I’m actually not skilled at certain things. Making a clear and concise point is really hard to do when you forget what you’re talking about in the middle of your review and change your mind about your central thesis in the last paragraph. Asking questions of your readers to stimulate conversation makes sense but I’m a socially awkward penguin and I honestly feel a little shy about asking you guys anything directly most of the time. The list goes on.

Image result for anime idiot
I got other qualities, ok?

The second part though is the most important. I really enjoy blogging and I don’t want to mess with that. For me, blogging is just so much fun and oddly rewarding. It’s made everything connected to it more fun. I sit through a boring show relishing the idea of ripping into it, in a review. I get to relive a beloved title by sharing it with you guys, thereby stretching out my enjoyment. When the first episodes of a new show are intriguing I don’t only have that feeling in me where I can’t wait to see the rest but I get all warm and fuzzy at the thought that I will be able to tell you all about it. For example, I’m currently playing Danganronpa 2. It’s taking me forever because I’m taking endless notes on it. I want to do a series of posts. I haven’t been so deeply engaged with a game in a long long time. I love games but now, I love them even more because of everyone that takes the times to share the experience with me by reading a post.

So yeah, I may not be the best blogger out there (ok I’m just not – no need for the *may*), but I am a super happy blogger and I hope you keep sticking  with me as I continue to objectively fail at bloggin!

So for all of you who have and continue to give me a chance despite it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You may think the expression has lost meaning since I use it so much but don’t worry. I realize exactly how lucky I am to have all of these fine people show some interest in me:

Related image
I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a pic that does you guys justice!

Here we go again: in chronological order and off my WP follower list. By now you know that I’m a bit dim so any omissions or mistakes are in no way malicious. Big Disclaimer – all these blogs are better than I make them sound.

Rynmon : https://rynmon.wordpress.com/

Rynmon’s blog provides a nice mix of both anime and manga reviews that are concise and give you a clear and immediate idea of whether you should give them a try. I often gets asked if there’s a quick way to find out which anime I’ve liked. I tell them to look at my MAL list. I should probably be taking lessons from Rynmon instead.

Swords and Specters: http://swordsandspectres.wordpress.com/

I was debating whether to describe this blog to you but I think the name does a great job of grabbing one’s curiosity. So instead I’m just going to leave it at – there’s this blog called Swords and Specters! I know you want to know!

Petoilin: https://petoilin.wordpress.com/

Petoilin combines fantastic works of short storytelling with beautiful pictures. Sometimes playful, sometimes hopeful, often touching, these little pieces of creativity will bring just a little escape from your day to day.

The Fullmetal Narcissist: https://fullmetalnarcissist.com/

I love that banner so much…. Aside from having a wonderful blog name, the Fullmetal Narcissist also has wonderful reviews and anime related posts. And when I say reviews I don’t mean the tiny superficial posts I like to call reviews. These are detailed, researched and usually delve into the lore and meat of the work with deep analysis. It’s more like little academic anime papers. It’s a great blog.

Nadiaharhash : https://nadiaharhash.com/

Admittedly I only understand the English part of this blog which is too bad for me. As a Woman, a Moslem , a Palestinian and Divorced, Nadiah certainly has a unique perspective and a fascinating one. If you’ve ever wanted to broaden your worldview a bit, this is where to go.

Rsnoel :https://rsnoel.com/ 

R. S. Noel is a fantastic creative short fiction writer who will have you hooked in no time. I’m not sure who created the layout for this blog but it’s truly impressive. Really everything here is going to draw you in.

James Sponseller : https://mindescapes.net/

Mindscapes is currently participating in the Christmas Challenge, which is a fantastic way to get in the spirit of the Holidays. Fun snipes, quick reads and (my favorite) puzzles!!! Mindscapes is a great place for a spot of distraction and to keep you mind nice and flexible.

HealthyNappyNerdyMommy : https://healthynappynerdymommy.com/

Monique is someone you need in your life anyway you can get her. Blog form is good. If you need advice, she’s got your back with posts on healthy living and nerdy entertainment. In other words everything that matters in life!

tetrax4berium: https://th0ughtreviews.wordpress.com/

I’ve mentioned this blog’s happiness inducing Spice and Wolf visuals before but honestly, pay attention to the posts. Tetra has a real eye for layout and design. He also has some impressive writing skills so don’t get lost in the eye candy. If you like anime, don’t miss this blog.

Yamishikimoon: https://yamishikimoon.wordpress.com

YamiShiki  offers up some casual, friendly and direct musings about games and anime. You will be charmed by her cool, relaxed tone that betrays the confident and friendly nature of the author. Also that header is from Lamento – enough said!

Animated : https://animatedit.wordpress.com/

Honestly, I fangirl over this blog. I’m a little too intimidated to comment half the time but so much of the posts not only resonate with me but are also absolutely fascinating. There’s nothing I can say that Animated has already said better so just read this blog and come back to tell me about it.

Talli : https://tallipeled.wordpress.com/

Nt only is Talli kind enough to let us in on her life with sweet diary type blog posts but she also illustrates them all and OMG does she have talent. Those are stunning illustrations. In fact, go right ahead and see her professional site too: http://www.tallipeled.com/

 Diariessites: https://destinydiariescom.wordpress.com/

Kathlyn writes these amazing fictional posts that sometimes drift into poetry. Her posts vary in tone quite a bit but her voice remains clear and present throughout. If you like reading you need to visit this blog.

Chibi Majo https://chibimajo.wordpress.com/

The tag line for Chibi Mayo is anime and manga mainly and that’s both exactly right and not at all. These reviews and editorials have a warm personal tone to them which I always appreciate. It’s been a while since the last post but I’m very hopeful that more will be up soon. In any case, if you haven’t read the archives yet, you should.

Thecomicvault https://thecomicvault.wordpress.com/

Maybe you guessed it but this is a comic book centric blog! Had you guessed it? Although they do occasionally post on novels as well, they tend to have a good handle on all things comic related. The blog was named one of the “Top 75 Comics Blogs And Websites for Comic Fans” and I can clearly see why. You should too.

thero159 https://thero159.wordpress.com/

Thero’s avatar (Happy) makes me smile. A Reluctant Hero (😊) posts on really anything she wants to and since she happens to be a very lovely nerd indeed, the things she wants to post on happen to be the things I want to read about! Kismet! I am a bit of a fallen Final Fantasy fan (FFFF) but for a while it was an obsession so I like to keep up with what’s new even if I’m not necessarily playing all the games.

Jennlyreads : https://jennlyreads.wordpress.com/

Jennifer loves to read. I can tell. Not only because she’s been reviewing books for years on her blog but because the passion comes through in those posts. Whit a penchant for historical fiction , if you want to find out what you should read next, this is where you should go.

2ghost1man : https://2ghost1man.wordpress.com/

This blog hasn’t actually started posting yet but with a name like 2 ghost 1 man – I gotta say, I’m intrigued!

Mao Mee Vue

Oh my, it seems I’m not cool enough for this blog or maybe it just moved. Even though I’m curious and feel a bit left out, I understand. But thank you for following me!

Fan Theory World : https://fantheoryworld.wordpress.com/

I love crazy fan theories, and the not so crazy ones too. I can read them for hours. And not only does this blog deliver my beloved content it does so in convenient podcast form so I can listen while doing housework or cooking. It’s great.

Scott: https://scottraymondsite.wordpress.com/

Scott’s blog is all about sharing his love for his religion with other rather than imposing it. This blog is full of hopeful posts meant to ease your load and make your life a but happier. Scott also seems to be an anime fan with great tastes from what I can see in his choice of pics.

Wabaisabiwithgaby https://wabaisabiwithgaby.com

Gabi is a Japanophile and an anime fan. Also a proponent of positive psychology. Her positive posts that strive to find the beauty of imperfection examine our favorite anime in an uplifting and encouraging way.

Gonzo-nyan : https://gonzonyan.wordpress.com/

Gonzo’s been away for some time but Gonzo’s back now with big plans for podcasts and promises of hentai reviews. No pressure but I am really looking forward to those hentai reviews, now please!

Harumikoko : https://harumi666.wordpress.com/

Harumikoko is still a very new blog seemingly created to hold the the thoughts of Harmoko who is a teacher in Benteng. I’ve never been there, and I’m looking forward to more posts so I can learn more about the place.

Anrisa Ryn: https://anrisaryn.wordpress.com/

Anime enthousiaste, Japanofile and author, Anrisa Ryn is putting together an “Idiot’s Guide to Anime” and I hope she finishes the book soon because I desperately need it. Anrisa is a big fan of Danganronpa. Having just finished the first game and currently playing through the second, I am also a recent huge fan of Danganronpa and have been devouring her posts on the matter.

Vy Le

Man, I always wonder If I’m the one to blame when this happens. I couldn’t find Vy Le’s blog, and it could not exist (correct me if I’m wrong – please). Instead, I’m going to use this opportunity to say thank you Vy Le!

Lucyheartfilianalu : https://lucyheartfilianalu.wordpress.com/

I wonder if Lucy’s ever seen FairyTail? Lucy is currently watching Dragon Ball super and has thoughts on it. Thoughts you want to hear, well read. A great blog if you want a pleasant chat with an anime fan. Of course you do.

Chris https://peachsalmanac.com/

Peach’s almanac is one of the very first blogs I followed on WordPress and I was so honored when Chris decided to follow me as well. This blog is currently on a bit of down time as Chris is concentrating on his studies but there are still occasional posts and the archives are more than worth a good read through or two!

Da Misfit : https://noirnerdzone.com/

Anime, Manga, comics, lots of gaming goodness, Zone of the Nerders has got you covered. With extended youtube and twitch channel, you’re sure to find something you’re looking for. Judging from his recommendations for rewatchable anime, Da Misfit has some great tastes too.

Nzll : https://nzll.wordpress.com/

Another mysterious not started yet blog. I hope you enjoy my posts and thank you so much for the follow.

Emikothewriter: https://emikothewriter.wordpress.com/

Sometimes, I stumble across a blogger who makes me think we’re friends. You know those people who just have a gift for writing a review or an article and making it sounds like they’re sharing a story or writing you a letter. Emiko does that. All the posts give you the information and details you need but somehow there’s this ineffable warmth that seeps through. It’s really nice.

Minira Samadova http://blog.properties.co.jp/

As odd as this may sound, this real estate blog has been one of my not so guilty pleasure as of late. Like many international otakus, I’ve had my share of pipe dreams about living in Japan and this company’s blog actually makes you feel like you are. Informative and surprisingly fun posts about the practical aspects of life in Japan. This blog is the cheapest way to visit by far and if you are actually planning a move then make sure to stop by here first.

Scott B Harris http://www.scottbharris.com.au/

Some of you may have realized that I have some interest in neurology, I wrote a silly little post on it a while ago and I think I may have tricked Scott into thinking my blog is much more serious/interesting than it is. Scott is a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury who’s managed to not only go on but even thrive after his accident. His blog details his accident, recovery and ongoing rehabilitation and it is absolutely enthralling. It helps that Scott is obviously a gifted writer.

Grace Reed : https://alltherightstuffblog.wordpress.com/

Grace has a good eye for gifs! Grace also has a great love for all our beloved nerd media. A kid at heart you can just feel the actual simple joy of indulging in a beloved pastime in every post. It will make you love the stuff (all the right stuff) you already love, even more!

STEM :https://disasterpreparedblog.wordpress.com/

OK- I actually had to do a bit of digging to find this blog but I’m really glad I did. It’s really the only one of it’s kind I’ve seen. This site is dedicated to disaster preparedness in a no non-sense practical way. The have informative posts and disaster simulations. It’s weirdly engaging. With the year we’ve had, a little readiness is probably a good idea.

Krisfz : http://crossculturalcollision.com/

I haven’t had a chance to do many posts of Japanese culture, mostly because I am so pitifully uninformed on the subject but the few I have written are among my favorites and generally, I love Japanese culture. Cross-Cultural Collision is a blog dedicated to unraveling the misconceptions a lot of us have about this fascinating country through the eyes of a foreigner who’s just trying to make her own way there since 2015.

Xenodude : https://xenodude.wordpress.com/

I don’t know why the Xenodude doesn’t like his name. I do. Xenodude is one ambitious dude, mixing in movie and series reviews and rewatches with seasonal episode reviews of just about every big series. I have no clue how anyone can do all that, and do it so well at that, but I’m glad to read it.

Kirilson : https://kirilson.com/

I usually write these myself but I think I need to quote this about page “A theoretical physicist exploring the world of photography. I am currently living in my hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria, after many years of studying and working abroad in Germany, Netherlands and Italy.” How fascinating is that! Kirilson says he’s a beginner photographer ut as his blog is a stunning virtual gallery, I think he may be underselling it. Random fact, I was also born in Sofia.

Elricakito : https://kawaii404.wordpress.com/

Akito has a sweet anime blog that explores popular series from new anges. Akito also has a very beautiful blog. Nesha from moe404 is responsible for the design elements and his signature eye for layout is quite apparent in this blog.

YouNotebookDriver : http://younotebookdriver.com/

This seems like a commercial blog, I’m not entirely sure why they are following me but if someone at work needs to kill some time then you know what, more power to you! Thank you so much for the follow as well.

Leap250 : https://leap250.wordpress.com/

Leap’s tag line is “As laid-back as can be.” which I consider a challenge! But really, you can feel the friendly, relaxed mood from every post. Leap isn’t here to teach you anything, Leap just wants you to sit back, take a load of and have a nice, fun chat about anime. It’s great!

healthy food and healthy lifestyle : https://healthylifestyle880.wordpress.com/

Do you guys know I’m a vegetarian? Have been for years. And unlike what my blog occasionally suggests – I’m also a health food nut and workout junkie. This blog is therefore right up my alley with great posts about nutrition and healthy living.

Tessa : https://allaboutanimemag.wordpress.com/

Do you ever get a little mad that you didn’t discover a blog earlier? That’s how I feel about All About Anime. This blog made me discover so many new titles. If you ever need to kill some time, go do the anime quizzes – they’re really super fun!

Kaede Nyuu : https://chuuniblogs.wordpress.com/

Chuuniblog! I know I know I said I’d stop pointing out the awesome blog names but guys Chuuniblog. Do I really need to say more? Part posts part beautiful galleries – honestly how long does it take to get all those great pics for the posts? It takes me hours and I don’t have nearly the quality Chuuniblog has. Check it out.

Claire Encontro : https://crshvnclr.wordpress.com/

Claire’s blog is still fairly small but all the posts on there are important. Climate change is not going to fix itself and this is where you can find out how to do your part. And you definitely should.

Be my Senpai : https://jaydreviews.com/

OK! JD reviews is aiming to bring you content on all your favorite things and doing a pretty good job of it too. You want to read intriguing reviews and fun posts? Of course you do. You want an adorable kouhai? Then visit this blog.

Nofearlavere : https://nofearblogging.com/ 

I now for a fact that Lavere is great to talk to and this comes through in the posts. You know when you read something and it just sounds friendly. You’re going to want t read more. No Fear Blogging covers a wide variety of subjects with something for everyone. Definitely something for you. Go!

Charles Onaje Lucas : https://otakutimes.us/

Otaku times is currently rebuilding and gearing up to bring us more content aimed at exploring Otaku culture the world over. This is a subject close to my heart and I wish there were more posts dedicated to it. I can’t wait until we can get more from this e-zine.

Kimchisama : https://kimchisama.wordpress.com/

Adding yet another blogger to my list of writers I’m jealous of. Kimchisama writes these incredible speculative posts in stream of consciousness manner. Truly entertaining reads and on top of that – did you see that Yato banner. I’m happy with all the Yato art we have on these blogs. Very happy.

Justawholelotofweird : https://justawholelotofweird.blog/

Just a whole lot of weird is the best possible type of weird! The fun to read type! It doesn’t hurt that there’s a hole slew of posts dedicated to dissecting My Hero Academia. After reading through those you won’t be able to wait for next season either.

Joshua Rosana : https://cardfightvanguardandyugioh.wordpress.com/

Do you like CCGs? I love them. Joshua just started his blog and you can learn all about Cardfight!! Vanguard in his first post. I haven’t played but it looks really interesting.

Fayejourney17 : https://fayejourney17.wordpress.com/

Christina is a dreamer and she is wandering through those dreams with her poetic stories. If you want to take a magical little journey out of your busy life, why not join Christina and add a touch of wonder to your every day.  

The Godly Chic Diaries : https://gcdiaries.wordpress.com/

The Godly Chic Diaries is June’s visual diary which she is kindly sharing with us as she makes her way to self-realization. A warm and welcoming blog, join the legoins who’ve already discovered it.

Sawaly95 : https://wankiegirlrants.wordpress.com/

Wankiegirl is using her log to find her vice and explain it all to us. And by all I mean Animes , Music, dance, humour , up and coming artists ,words to Science. You should go thank her for it too. Like right now.

Candiebarr6669 : https://entertaincandiebarr.wordpress.com/

Candice is breaking the old review mould and bringing us something better. Instead of just telling us what she likes or hates about a show, she’s inviting us to watch along with her by sharing her observations, random thoughts and insights. I hope this style catches on because it’s awesome.

Lxhrjs : https://2741042325qqcom.wordpress.com/

I think this might be a code… like the numbers in Lost.

Lydamorehouse : https://mangakast.wordpress.com/

The aptly named mangakast is a podcast devoted to the wonderful world of manga. I don’t always have as much time as I would like to read manga but I still love discovering new titles and honestly, this blog I’ve  recently discovered has been a treasure trove.

The Green Room with TEE : http://www.thegreenroomwithtee.com/

The green room with tee is a sensual experience. Posts often revolve around questions of gender and relationships occasionally exploring LGBTQ+ issues as well. It may look just a little naughty at first but there’s a whole lot of nice to be found.

Plebby : https://whydoidothis2017.wordpress.com/

Plebby has a great anime blog and a great eye for pics. If you happen to be too lazy to actually read posts (which would be your loss because these are so enjoyable), you can still have a great time looking at the wonderful pic selection!

Kaye : https://fascinatingusername.wordpress.com/

There is currently only one post on fascinating user name and it is delightful and hilarious. I’m not sure where this blog is going to go but I’m holding my breath!

Missy : https://yonderwaylane.wordpress.com/

I’ve been following Missy for a while now. I’m not sure if she knows. I tend to read her posts on the bus and I have a lot of issues liking articles on my phone. The reason I read these diary style entries on the bus is that the really get me ready for the day. I love sharing a bit of Missy’s life with her, she seems so dynamic and honest. I wish we could be friends and her blog makes me feel a little like we are.

Colleen : https://coolleentypes.wordpress.com/

Cool•leen Types… This blog is called Cool-leen Types! I need a T-shirt. Colleen opts for quality over quantity! Her occasional posts may not be too frequent, but they are a great read every time.

David Snape : https://davidsnape.me/

David has always been quite candid and open about living with autism and that type of honesty is truly inspiring, no wonder it has garnered him such a following! Both informative and motivating, you need to read these post or listen to his radio show. Better still, do both.

My Long Post Titles : https://lastminutestuff.wordpress.com/

My long Post Titles makes one promise and boy does it deliver! Witty and hilarious observation will have you chucking and realizing that you are not the only weirdo that feels that way. Probably more than chuckling – this blog is hilarious.

Paolo B. :http://www.psbarbosa.com/blog/

Sometimes actual writers decide to create their own personal blogs. This is what Paolo did and he uses this blog to write about, well anything he wants to really. See when the author is talented, they can make any subject pleasant to read. He also has a series of conveniently grouped posts on the art of blogging itself. If you have a blog and want it to be better – go read them, you will not regret it.

Messylittlemonkeyblog : https://messylittlemonkey.wordpress.com/

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting adventures most people ever go through and Debbie is sharing all the excitement with us. You get the best of both worlds, lovely stories, adorable pictures and you don’t even have to change a diaper.

Valentino Senpai : https://theanikatsuki.wordpress.com/

Sometimes you want to catch up on some good anime or manga news, sometimes you wonder what’s new in the gaming world, other times you want to catch up on Hip Hop and professional sports. Somehow, Anikatsuki manages to bring you all that and more. Make sure you check out the pic on the about page – it’s the best!

KeithSwert : https://httpmoonclippersc.wordpress.com/

Moon clippers has a little bit of everything. It’s hard to describe or categorize but if you need to slap a label on it then it would be : Fun!

Kurumi Shim : https://kurumishim.wordpress.com/

This is an adorable blog. But don’t let the cute layout fool you, there is a ton of substance thrown into that style. I would call these posts reviews so much as riveting analysis, and profound editorials. I just discovered this blog myself and I’m already way smarter for it. Granted there was room for improvement on that front.

Online Website Reviews : https://onlinewebsitereviews.com/

This is an awesome concept – this blog actually reviews websites. Often these are commercial websites where you can purchase products, but they have also reviewed forums and information sites. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole and you might find yourself scrolling through everything for hours. So do you guys think they’ll review me? I both hope so and hope not…

Bancha Kimavaha ( hooksamui) : https://hooksamui.wordpress.com/

I’m completely mesmerized by this blog. I can’t tell you much about it except that it’s apparently from Thailand and I think we’re friends. Wanna blog to wish you a good day? Sometimes it really is exactly what you need.

Animegamernightcore : https://animegamernightcore.wordpress.com/

You know how to make an evening of anime and xbox one better? Throw in some nightcore. I bet you’re thinking you want to d that right now. Well Animegamernightcore is exactly that in blog form.  

Sharonchyy : https://sharonchy.com/

Sharon is quite creative and has managed to pour all that creativity into these lovely beauty and style posts that will have you looking great in no time.

nesha e´: https://moe404.wordpress.com/

Nesha has got to be my biggest fan…either that or he has a thing about seeing his name on these posts! Thanks to Nesha diligently following me for a 3rd time I discovered this, when you change your ID and refollow people, your old ID disappears. In any case, just like I say every time, Nesha has a gorgeous looking blog where he does these fantastic deep reviews. Unlike me Nesha gets into the details.

Animoku9 : https://animoku.wordpress.com/

Top lists are always a good time but they are even better when the authors carefully craft and explain them. Not a meer bullet point, each entry gets its own paragraph. I’m a fan of the top 7 things anime taught us.

choronghi.WORDPRESS.COM : https://choronghi.wordpress.com/

How can a blog dedicated to the study of some of the most notoriously difficult languages in the world be so much fun to read. The great humoristic tone helps a lot. Choronghi is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Japanese or Korean for that matter.


Oh noes – another blog I couldn’t find. I am so scared to be missing out on wonderful content. If you have a blog NANOIE, let me know. In the meantime – Thank you!!!

Jeancorntunnel : https://choronghi.wordpress.com/

I want Jenn to be my friend. We have tons in common and I would absolutely love to listen to her thoughts on dating sims and 90s hentai OVAs. Her post on Made in Abyss was one of the most unique perspectives I’ve seen on this show and I really look forward to more.

Marthaurion : https://marthaurion.wordpress.com/

I’ve been following Marth for a while now although not on wordpress. Math’s been doing this for a long time and you can tell for the way those posts are expertly crafted. The penchant for sarcasm and dry humour is also a great touch.

Sorryless: https://sorryless.com/

Sorryless is a great name. It’s also a great blog with witty short stories to bring a smile to your face. Sorryless has an impressive vocabulary and a way with words. You may end up a little jealous but it’s well worth the risk.

Matthew G : https://grabbablog.wordpress.com/

Matt is a poet, sometimes a polish poet. Does this sound like the first sentence in a romantic epic? I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have that type of creativity. Do you know who does though? That’s right! Go visit Grabba and see what you’ve been missing.

The Maniacal Book Unicorn :https://maniacalbookunicorn.wordpress.com/

Did you read magical? The Unicorn claims to no longer be magical but I doubt that very much. Those reviews are certainly quite magical. I’m a fangirl so the manga reviews are naturally my favorites but all the reviews are so entertaining they end up being just as fun as the book itself.

Suzuyaza : https://suzuyaza.wordpress.com/

Suz pretty much just started her blog which she intends to fill with her thoughts on music, video games, anime, light novels and manga. Sounds like something I might be interested in hearing about. More importantly though, in just one post (and one page), Suz already displays her great writing skills and relaxed friendly tome which is making me anticipate her next posts even more. I say you should follow now, why risk missing out?

Moyatori: https://moyatorium.wordpress.com/

Mayatori describes the Mayatorium (yes I know – great name!) as a fresh little anime blog which I happen to find both adorable and accurate. I really like the idea of recommending episodes for a series. It changes it up from your standard reviews but still gives you a great idea what you’re in for. I already knew I wanted to see Mushishi but I’m now surer than ever.

Smartavtechnologies: https://smartavtechnologies.wordpress.com

I live in Canada so I don’t lock my doors. True story one night during the summer I actually forgot my patio door wide open, no screen door or anything, even the dog didn’t notice. I fail at adulting. But if I was in Sydney, I could use some advice from this corporate blog. I’m not sure if anyone there enjoys anime but I hope so!

Break Up Coach: https://breakupcoachonline.com

Let’s face it, no matter how much we pretend not to care we all want that great epic romance and we all love to read about those that failed. The Break Up Coach is here or you with assertive and wise advice as well as a look of famous couples in the public eye.

Elisabeth O’Neill : https://littleanimeblog.com/

I want to believe this blog was on hiatus, I really want to believe that because the alternative would be that I’ve been missing out on this extraordinary blog all this time and that’s just tragic. Elisabeth’s posts are always insightful and wonderfully fluid. She has a rhythmic style which is simply a pleasure to read. Her occasionally personal asides tend to be very poignant. Random fact – when I was a kid I hated my name and I would tell people I was called Elisabeth.


Cranberry, I don’t know if you’ve started a blog in a different link but your name is adorable! Thank you so much for the follow!

Vintagemediaart https://vintagemediaart.wordpress.com

Hubert is a Poland based photographer and artist whose blog is focused on his mixed media projects. The accompanying post are fantastically succinct and delightfully bare. Yu may not think you’re interested in fine art but you are. And make sure to see his instagram page as well.

Saki : https://bakkunyan.wordpress.com/

If said it before and I’ll say it again, Saki has excellent tastes in husbandos! The posting schedule may be a bit inconsistent but that just means every new post is a delightful surprise. A great blog that looks into anime related topics and a must for any otaku.

Cedric Smitts https://sqpools.wordpress.com

Cedric knows a lot about pools. He knows so much about pools. Cedric may know more about pools then I now about any other two things put together but thanks to this blog my own pool knowledge is getting pretty impressive.If you’ve ever had any pool related question, this is where to go.

A Library Archivist https://heresyarchive.wordpress.com

Amazingly, a Library Archivist is truly passionate about libraries. I think most of us have considered libraries a safe haven at some point and the Library Archivist considers The Heresy Archive their safe haven to share thoughts on a wide variety of topics with a confidence that can only come from research and understanding.

Splendovibe: https://splendovibe.wordpress.com/

I’m not quite sure where this blog is going. I’m thinking this might be a corporate blog. I’m really not certain how any of my content can ever be helpful but thank you so much for the follow!

Rachael : https://perilouspalace.wordpress.com/

Should I stop pointing out all the awesome blog names? I have such blog name envy. Pondering in a Crystal Palace (sighhh) offers up a pleasant mix of classic anime episodic reviews and novel read-a-longs. Look what Rachel managed to do with a blog name – imagine what she can do with an entire post!

Mourgos: https://mourgos55.wordpress.com/

After writing tons of movie and reviews for Amazon, Mourgos decided to instead collect them in his own blog where he can make them even more interesting by adding in some of his photography (San Francisco is looking mighty festive!). There’s a certain quality in review writing that can only come from experience and this is where you’ll find it.

frederic sealey https://fredericsealey.wordpress.com

Once again, I think Frederic is probably best suited to introduce himself so in his words: “Frederic Sealey is an American entrepreneur and investor with an extensive experience in capital investment, commercial real estate development and venture capital management. I delved into real estate with a curiosity that in turn was an extension of my own personal history.”

Fragglepuss https://fragglepuss.com

John loves anime *almost* as much as I do. But unlike me John know exactly how to express that love in a clear and direct way that gets to the point. He should since he’s been doing this on every possible platform! Heck out Anime Happy Hour on youtube as well as Anime Happy Hour Podcast.  John is also the founder of  SLC Anime, an online group that gets together to discuss and review anime.

Kuroi Kage https://httpanimelover.wordpress.com

Anime lover is a blog that likes to dig deep into an anime. Clever and meticulously detailed posts, complete with many hyperlinks to enhance your experience, will ensure that you find out everything our want about a show. If some other blog *cough* mine *cough* fails to give you any useful information about a show, this is where you have to go. Why not just go there first? Humm, what’s that over there?

Dominic Cuthbert https://littleanimeblog.com

Does the blog look familiar? Dominic is the other half of little anime blog, if for sme unconceivable reason you aren’t following yet – go now! I thought I had made it clear! Dominic’s posts ae educational and comprehensive. There’s an almost academic quality the writing in the best possible way. There’s really no point in pretending otherwise, this is just a wonderful blog.

Infiniteezy https://infiniteezy.wordpress.com

I’m a simple simple girl so Infiniteezy’s ice cream cone avatar already had me sold. If this for some reason is not enough for you though, you can go and enjoy Infiniteezy’s obvious love of shounen/seinen series and classic animation, set out in relaxed conversational posts.

monique villarta https://moniquevillarta.wordpress.com/blog/

Want to see Japan? How about a guided tour hosted by he very lovely Monique? Be warned these beautiful photographs will give you wanderlust and make you hungry. No joking those dishes look ridiculously delicious!

gianashow https://gianashow.wordpress.com

The Giana Show is really in fact a show! Giana is a young youtuber whose informative and humorous videos are sure to get her noticed. Man videos look like so much work. I won’t lie – I’m impressed!

Synnove Polaris https://synnovepolaris.wordpress.com

Synne’s blog is like a real life coming of age Slice if Life. Or in other words if someone animates this blog it will get top rating on MAL. And it should.

Gastradamus https://gastradamus.wordpress.com

Dayum, Gastradamus knows how to write. I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so. I didn’t find any indication that these posts are available in book form but they should be. I would buy this for sure.

Keitochaaan https://keitochaaan.wordpress.com

Have you ever heard the expression “honest to a fault”? Can honesty ever really be a fault? I don’t think so. Keito doesn’t mince words and that’s pretty refreshing and such a visceral joy! Never change your style Keito, it rocks.

Yuu : https://yuusanctuary.wordpress.com/

I really want to know what Yuu thinks of shotacon. I’m not cool enough for that knowledge yet but I’m working on it. Yuu’s reviews center on what actually matters, how enjoyable a series is rather than abstract technical merits, whereas Yuu’s free flow thoughts provide insightful and to the point editorials on manga and anime related topics.

Paloma Estrada : https://kevinpalfarosa.wordpress.com/

I’m so sorry Paloma. This blog is in Spanish I think. Or a similar looking language. I don’t understand it but I really appreciate the follow. Can any f you guys tell me what language that is?

Touka Trisha Kirishima https://toukatrishakirishima.wordpress.com

Touka is a young new blogger but already this blog is friendly and inviting, not to mention beautiful. A budding artist who loves flowers (get it???) follow along and beautify your life. I don’t know if that blog logo is original art, but it’s adorable and I want one too.

Cheshire Cat: https://artstimewithden.wordpress.com/

Sometimes you come across a young artist and your brain does that weird thing where you’re 99.9% delighted because you’re seeing beautiful art and 0.1% jealous. You want to get that, go see Cheshire Cat’s stunning picture of Yato. Actually, you know what, even if you’re not the jealous type, go see that picture of Yato – who can ever get too much of that?

TWWK  https://rebeneaththetangles.wordpress.com/

I follow beneath the tangles and this mirror site is making it easier to follow along. I myself am not Christian but I have always been fascinated by religion. When done right it is inspiring and uplifting. Beneath the tangles unifies the best parts of Christianity with fascinating anime introspections.

Nbiello1994 : https://nbiello1994.wordpress.com/

Neena is a militant optimist! It’s one thing to be blindly hopeful it’s another altogether to be rationally positive and this blog will help you achieve just that. Sounds pretty good right? That’s cause it is!

Miandro : https://jmiandro.wordpress.com/

Miandro is own of my fellow OWLS bloggers, you have probably read those excellent posts during the tours. Miandro aims ay more than straight forward reviews with perceptive discussions and topical anime news. It’s a great place to keep up with the world of anime.

Quirkyloverofbooks : https://bibliophilicotaku.wordpress.com/

Bibliophilic otaku is a fairly new blog but I’m going to bet there’s going to be some anime content and bookish content, maybe even some manga related posts. I had a blast going through those top 10 anime openings (some of my favourite posts always). You should go see if you agree!

Tierra Gates: https://tierragates.wordpress.com/

Day to Day is another brand new blog. I’m not sure what content is going to go on there but it sure looks serene. I stared at that picture for a good minute.

Icebreaker694 : https://icebreaker694.wordpress.com/

Full disclosure, I discovered this blog today but the Golden Days manga review had me immediately hooked, not to mention had me reading the manga within minutes. Thank you so much Icebreaker for making me discover this sweet story!

we did it!!!!

Wow, are any of you still here? But seriously for just a sec. As much as I cherish the opportunity of putting together these thank you posts, they can be quite challenging. I probably wouldn’t have managed to get this one out until it was way out of date without the incredibly kind help of Remy, who proofread all of this and helped me structure the descriptions. I really should just let him claim part ownership of this blog by now. So also thank you to:

Remy : https://remyfoolblog.com/author/remyfool/

For almost two years now, Remy has delighted his readers with a variety of editorial posts and reviews making sure to bring in all that Yuri goodness. If this description seems lackluster compared to the rest, it’s because I didn’t let Remy help me with this one. I mean he writes good guys – real good! He’s also one of the kindest folks I’ve met lately. In all likelihood, you’re already following this blog but if you somehow missed out, you should fix that right away.

Image result for anime yuri
for you Remy

And now, because what good is gratitude without immediately following it up by asking for even more! Let me just take a minute to remind you guys that I am still putting up a Blogwarming post in December (the 29th). Everybody that’s helped me with the project really loves reading all your posts so please send something in! Even though I can’t choose every one every time, I will hold on to them for future months. I’m a post hoarder! Don’t be shy, take it from me, everyone here is just lovely.

And finally:

Image result for anime thank you gif

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  1. lol I didn’t even know I was featured on a blog post of yours. I came across it since I was just curious why you liked my hanjaro blog post. did you ever study korean??? song lyrics aren’t bad since words/grammar etc repeat.

  2. These are such fun posts! Congrats on 300 followers! I hope to gain as much as of a following as you! Need to produce more interesting and witty posts like you! B)

  3. Congrats on the 300!!! I think all that’s left is drafting up the 400, 500, 600, … … (I lost count)
    Continue to meet more awesome bloggers and for themselves on yours.
    Also thanks for the feature, you’re really super dedicated in these lists, but it really goes a long way to allowing other bloggers notice other people’s contents.
    Continue to be Awesome!!

  4. 300 really is quite the amazing achievement! Congratulations!

    I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to seeing many more in the future!

    It was even more awesome of you to list so many awesome blogs, many of which I am now going to follow!

    Well done again, Irina! 😀

  5. Okay erm and I quote: ” I’m actually not skilled at certain things” “I may not be the best blogger out there”…as we are nearing Christmas: bah, humbug! You are highly skilled at blogging…look at this : 300 plus followers in no time. Your posts are loved by so many people, you organised the Blogging Party, you have recieved tons of awards….if that doesn’t convince you that you are skilled, I don’t know what does.
    Whoops…/this almost seems like I am in a rant mode here, but erm just in case: I really am not! I just want to say that your blog is awesome…and that it’a great that you thank each and everyone of your followers in this way. That really is commitment! Congrats on another milestone, oh and of course if Remy reads this: he is just as awesome 😀

  6. Congrats for the success of your blog. 300+ is not a joke. 🎉 I am overjoyed to be mentioned here. I didn’t expect my blog to be include there. Thank you for making a time to visit my blog. I will continue to make you delighted and jealous at the same time. (Your comment makes me shy😆) I am looking forward to your next post. Keep it up. Fighting!

    Haha still on the cloud nine.😄

  7. Congrats for the success of your blog. 300+ is not a joke. 🎉 I am overjoyed to be mentioned in your post. I didn’t expect to be included there. Thank you for making a time to visit my blog. I will continue to make you delighted and jealous at the same time. (Your comment makes me shy😄) This makes me look forward to your next post. 😆😆😆

    Haha still on cloud nine!

    Congratulations on reaching 300! It’s clear to see your energetic and enthusiastic posts are what people love to read! Keep up the amazing work.

  9. Prattle is such a huge inspiration for this community—they deserve the credit, too, cause they’re also really polite and kind when talking to them! Looking forward to that big Danganronpa 2 post (it’s one of my greatest obsessions), and congrats on 300!! That’s awesome Irina!!

  10. Aw this is so cool! I didn’t even realize when I started reading that I’d be on the list! Now I have like, 50 tabs open checking out all these other bloggers, haha. That’s so exciting, I just made this blog and didn’t really expect anyone to *actually* read anything on it so this seriously made my day. P.s. we’re friends now

  11. Congratulations and well deserved. Looking forward to your next blog warming party post and to all of you future posts. I hope your blog continues to grow.

      1. I don’t think it is luck. I think you’ve worked really hard at engaging with the aniblogging community and the growth of your blog reflects this. Despite the short time your blog has been around, you’ve made a real impact on the community. I think it is fantastic.

  12. I agree that blogging has its perks when it comes to bad anime. Usually watching something terrible is a waste of time, but at least reviewers can use the experience to write a post. I am a fellow fan of Danganronpa so I look forward to reading your thoughts on the sequel.

  13. my goodness your dedication to your wonderful followers is one of the reasons why I really appreciate you as a blogger! You’re incredible 😀

    And congratulations! Next thing you know you’ll be at a thousand in no time 🙂

  14. And posts like this is why I don’t get enough of telling people you are an inspiration to me as a blogger 🙂 I already did, but I want to congratulate you again! It’s been awesome to follow your evolution in these past months

    1. With such a welcoming community it’s been nothing but fun. And I personally appreciate all your efforts on bringing people together!

  15. I have been waiting for this! Yas!! Congrats Irina. More blogs to check out. We should be thanking you… So much awesomeness in one post.

  16. Congratulations on your first 300, and thank you sooooooo so much from both of us for your ridiculously sweet words about our blog! I’m glad we’re both achieving what we aim for with our respective writing, hehe 😎

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