I just spent a post explaining how no one has much family to speak of in this show. This is an odd line of questioning. I think it may have been taken from a different series.

  1. How did you find HxH?
  2. Favorite main character
  3. Favorite supporting character
  4. Favorite Chimera ant
  5. Least favorite character
  6. Favorite Zoldyck Member
  7. Favorite Villain
  8. Favorite Nen type
  9. Favorite Nen ability
  10. Favorite episode
  11. Favorite scene
  12. Favorite opening animation
  13. Do you ship anyone
  14. Saddest scene
  15. Favorite non-nen ability
  16. Favorite ark
  17. Least favorite ark
  18. Favorite type of Hunter
  19. Favorite character outfit
  20. Funniest scene
  21. Who would you cosplay as
  22. Friendliest character
  23. Least friendly character
  24. Best main character family member
  25. Favorite character backstory
  26. Worse main character family member
  27. Manga or Anime
  28. Most relatable character
  29. What got you hooked on the show
  30. Why do you love HxH
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who’s getting romance novel cover page model vibes?

Worse main character family member

The right answer here, and there certainly is one, is Gin. He’s a bit of a jerk in general and it baffled me how anyone can stand him but as a father he’s just plain terrible. I don’t even want to talk about this guy, that s how bad he is…

Let’s talk about the other dad instead, Silva. To be fair, considering the family, Silva seems like a fairly decent father. He’s generally reasonable, shows interest in his children, cares about their well being and even listens and respects their desires. With the few things we know about Killua’s childhood I was fully expecting him to be a monster, I was pretty surprised

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those are some imposing hands

Where Silva fails though, is in character and plot appeal. He’s just so dull. Any input he could have had on events is taken over by the far superior Zeno and any value he could have added as in interesting oddball sideshow character is overshadowed by the fascinating collection of freaks that is the rest of his family.

He’s the odd man out. The ultimate straight guy, that’s not developed enough to be of any interest by himself.

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What’s happening with the haire here?

Bottom line is that the series would have been unaffected if his character had simply not been there. Not replaced mind you, just omitted. With all the turmoil and deep background lore the Zoldyck’s bring, to have the patriarch be such a nondescript bore is just wrong.

So there you have it, I think Silva is the worst because even Gin brought something to the story. Also I think Gin is the worst.

Suggested drink: Gimlet

  • Every time Silva is present – pay attention
  • Every time Silva speaks – take a sip
  • Every time Silva scows – take a sip
  • Every time Silva he reasons with Kikyo – take a sip
  • Every time Silva takes orders from Zeno – take a sip
  • Every time you wish another character would come on – drink

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10 thoughts

  1. Think gin is the worst?? *cries a little* I thought we were friends!!… It’s ok. I like your posts, so I’ll forgive you this time. 😉 have you tried a gimlet? With that bar lime in there you wouldn’t even notice the gin! Lol!
    And I agree about Silva. With the crazy background Killua has I expected more character.
    Hey! If you don’t like gin, maybe you should do this with some ‘SILVA’ TEQUILA?? Get it?? Like Silver?? Lmao!!

  2. Interesting picks when it comes to the dads. Ging is totally an absent father, but at least he had a purpose since Gon wants to find him. I wished he wasn’t a jerk and could’ve used a better anagram for a code as Gon and Killua try to find him. That code was just loaded with unfortunate implications in the name. Yeah, Killua’s Dad was almost too normal despite being this feared assassin and all. They should’ve given him more purpose and some personality.

            1. If you like Hunter x Hunter it’s worth a look. The focus shifts to Kurapika and Gon and Killua aren’t featured at all

            2. Is that so? Kurapika was one of my favorite characters, so that could be really interesting especially if it leads to more progression in his revenge arc.

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