It seems neither Matt nor I had that much to say this episode so I,m going to make it up to you by posting more pictures. I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re all devastated. We’ll do better next week!

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
my thoughts exactly!

It’s my turn again! Woots! I hope you’re all ready for some more fun in the sun! I know I am!

So we are at episode 4 of Harukana Receive – roughly one third of the way through. And yet it still feels like we’re in a sort of prelude to an actual show–well an actual sports show, the show as it is now is very much my kind of show but we’ll get to that later…

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
can’t wait to find out what Matt is referring to

Matt I’m afraid I’m going to have to count on you to tell us about the volleyball theory the blonde one was explaining at the beginning of the episode. Something about c-cups and jiggling? Oh was I supposed to be reading the subtitles? Sorry I got distracted..

That’s fascinating!

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
it seems something was happening in Matt’s real life that distracted him

Ok so it wasn’t exactly swimsuit modeling for a calendar but trying on various swimsuits as a group was pretty darn close wouldn’t you say??? I think i deserve some points or at least a small percentage of the body pillow revenue. Hey, I’m not complaining–when I hear “anime about Beach volleyball” this is exactly what I was hoping for–at least in part!

That’s what I was saying!

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
heart pounding action!

Did you have a favorite swimsuit (we didn’t see that much, I would have liked a few more options.) I kind of prefered the one those two new girls–Mai and Ai, were wearing. Very cute, or maybe I was just excited to see some new girls! Ahem. What did you think of these new girls? (I’m going to take a wild stab and think you thought they were ~nice~, a.k.a boring).

I thought they were the little one and was super confused for a while… I missed the pretty one.

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
apparently this is a new girl…

My favorite was the black with diamond cutouts the more osé blonde girl tried on. (Is it just me or are all the bikinis pretty much equally risqué and glasses blonde girl is just looking for an excuse to yell at her sister?) I guess it’s more that it was inappropriate for volleyball not that it was any more revealing–I mean you see a bikini like that and you don’t really think ‘elite athlete’. If she’d started participating in a bikini like that all pretense about what this show is actually about would be right out the window… right now it’s not quite out the window, just sitting on the windowsill.

Actually I was talking about the blondes’ usual bikinis. Glasses is all mad that the other has a revealing bikini but they are pretty much the same just different colours. (PS the pretense of a sports bikini went out the window went they went with string…just sayin)

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
pop quiz guys, which of these bikinis is the conservative one?

I’m not entirely sure what the strategic advantage of having a libero on a two man team is since they are not bound by back row and front row restrictions? I’m only familiar with full team play to be honest, not so much doubles. (this is what I think of the new girls) You’re guess is as good as mine! I assume the writer of the original manga has at least a passing knowledge of beach volleyball–either that or he/she is a bikini aficionado instead…

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
this is the one I liked – I hope to find one like that

I’ll be honest – this is probably where I would drop the show if it wasn’t for Matt. It’s perfectly fine for what it’s meant to be. I personally don’t fancy this type of story. I will take it back if it turns out Yuri. I guess this show isn’t what I was expecting either, but we’ve come this far with the show feeling more slice of life than sports that my brain has kind of adjusted into thinking of it as a CGDCT show now. Which probably explains (a part) of the reason why I enjoyed this episode so much. It reminded me of one of my favourite episodes of Slow Start (the one where they went to buy bikinis) and Karakai Jozu No Takagi-san (the one where they went to buy bikinis) and uh… where was I?

It reminded me of one of my favorite 50% off episode:  Who’s flying the plane….

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
I miss these girls

Wait we were at Yuri…Not Shoujo-ai though. If the two cousins end up in an open romantic relationship, I think it could be interesting since there’s not that many happy, supportive lesbian couples in anime. So that’s what I’m rooting for right now. Yeah… I wouldn’t hold your breath. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’d love it if volleyballs weren’t the only thing these girls were “receiving” if you know what I mean but I don’t see that happening.

I honestly have zero clue what you mean.. I have this sinking feeling I’ve been doing it wrong all this time….

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
I used all my “shocked” pics but this works too

I hope they rip their new swimsuits and have to buy more next episode. You read my mind! I mean, it’s either that or get to some actual sports, at this point it’s pretty much 50/50.

Harukana Receive episode 4 anime review
we don’t see enough sports garters…

I wish I could claim to have carefully chosen my screenshots for Matt again this week but honestly these are random.

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