Once in a while, my fellow bloggers do me the immense honor of mentioning me or my blog on their own sites. This is a huge thrill, believe me! And very occasionally, some have even interviewed me. Ok it happened twice…

But you know what, it really makes me feel like I’ve arrived. When Lita first featured me, I thought it may have been a little out of pity. Lita is such a sweetheart, it would be just like her to throw me a bone.

But now, it’s happened again you guys! Twice! I know! I’m pretty flabbergasted as well. Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers decided to give me a chance to answer a few questions over on their site. It was a really fun interview and I quite liked how it turned out.

So, if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas (you are super late on that by the way…) please go over to Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers and give my interview a read. Let me know if you liked it. Heck, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know. I have no sense of acceptable boundaries!

anime please

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  1. Nice interview. Ulysse 31 is something I’ve been wanting to see, but keep putting it in the back burner. Did not it was a co-production with France. Reading other blogger post is great advice for bloggers. I too also see it as a source of inspiration.

    My only question would be what would be what was the first anime that made you want to drink? Hopefully not Ulysse 31.

    1. I think I was 3 when I watched that show…. Battlestar Gallactica (not an anime I know) introduced me to the joys of the drinking game. I do beleive NGNL was when I started looking for anine related ones and found that particular niche way underserved

  2. Nice interview (but yellow on white (for links?) makes the text nearly invisible; I wonder if it’s a theme thing?).

    Side note: when you first posted a Mayo Chiki screenshot, I knew exactly what show it was, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name, and it bothered me. Eventually, I managed to forget but then you posted another screenshot. I think that time it took me around 3 days to remember the title. Since then Mayo Chiki screenshots stand out way more to me than the show ever did. (It’s a decently fun if somewhat forgettable show, which nevertheless has a really memorable zombie sheep plushie.)

  3. Duhhh..of course you have arrived! In fact you have arrived since you first entered the blogging scene. That’s pretty common knowledge now right? 😂

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