We’ve all gotta go sometime and popular belief dictates that eventually, the entire species is going to go as well. We’ve all seen the cautionary tales, post-apocalyptic wastelands in which the last few humans wander desperately clinging to life under horrific circumstances. Brought down by our own hubris, greed and/or ignorance. The end of days seems dark indeed.

But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, we do everything right and eventually, our time just runs out. Things naturally run their course and it’s time for something *else*. Extinction doesn’t have to be all gloomy and unpleasant. It’s not about who sticks around the longest, it’s about who has the most fun doing it.

So if I’m going to have to watch everything I’ve ever known come to an end, these are the types of places I would like to do it in. These are my top 5 animes with pleasant seeming ends of the world.

look at those lush fields

5) Kino’s Journey

Ok so I’m not quite sure what the end of the world is in Kino’s journey, it does seem something has gone off, but we do distinctly see the end of countries. And for the citizens of these countries, it might as well be the end of the whole world.

They say times of disaster and panic brings out a person’s “true” self. Well for the Kind Country that means an entire country full of kind, generous and welcoming folks who will give you the best stay you can ever hope for, at least for a little while.

Sure there may be some other motivations behind it all but who cares? The only thing that really matters is that in the end, everyone is smiling, happy and nice to each other!

pleasant is relative


4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Shizumiya

Ok so maybe the world isn’t dying per see, but it could d so at any moment especially if left up to the whims of a bored teenage girl…or a bored teenage boy depending on which theory you decide to ascribe to. In any case, we are all on some shaky ground. You never know when time-space will curl itself into an inescapable loop and trap you for eternity.

But as long as I’m going to be a pawn to the will of some unknowable power, it might as well be a cute cheerful girl, right? OK or gloomy still kind of cute boy. Either way, if it means an eternity of high school hijinks, summertime fun and ridiculous teenage duhrama, you can sign me right up.

Sure beats having to battle royal my fellow survivors for the few pitiful resources available. Or having to go to work in the morning…

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō
you rarely see skipping in anime/manga

3) Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō

There doesn’t always have to be some big catalyst for humanity to start its last act. Sometimes the twilight of humanity just sort of happens because it’s time. “Twilight of humanity” I like that expression. It’s what they use in the manga summary for Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō. Basically, we humans have had a good run and now it’s winding down. And you know what people do at those times? They retire!

Everything slows down, people start to leisurely take in the world around them at their own pace. Nothing matters quite as much anymore.

That’s a nice reward for a job well done. Spending calm afternoons in a lush green world with nothing left to argue about. Not only that but you have friendly and joyful robots to serve you delicious treats while you wait. Sweet!

sunday without God
I like this title

2) Sunday Without God

There’s a chance no one else has ever heard of this series. I very general terms, at some point humans stop being able to produce offspring, and they also stop being able to die. They just go on even after their bodies should stop functioning. This is because God has finally abandoned their creation. So now, people who are responsible for helping the undying find some form of rest, have begun to appear in the form of “gravediggers”.

The “pleasantness” of it all is arguable. However, I enjoy the potential of an end of world story where humanity doesn’t so much “end” as it just stops. Renewal depends on destruction, life on death. Neither being present without the other. But given infinite time, I think I could create something worthwhile. You know, one nice thing.

 The overall idea of having the natural processes of life grind to a halt instead of some spectacular disaster take us out has always been rather fascinating to me and personally, I’m the type who will always choose more time if I can get it!

Humanity has declined
kind of says it all

1) Humanity has Declined

I did not put this show at number one because it’s one of my favourite animes and a lot of people still think it’s unwatchable so I’m going to keep telling everyone it’s great until I trick you all into believing it… I did not only put this show at number one because …

Humanity will decline. Some would argue that it has already started to do so but I have faith in the new generation. And as one species starts to dwindle it makes room for another. In this case fairies, with all that implies. And because fairies are an intelligent decent species, they take care of their endangered species. They feed them, make sure they have comfortable environments, give them little toys to keep them entertained and generally let them do what comes naturally.

Which for us humans means tedious bureaucracy and fanfiction! Sounds about right! So the end of the world turns out to be pretty much the same as the middle of the world but with less pressure! And more adorable girls! You know, that’s an apocalypse I can get behind!

And this is the way the post ends. Not with a bang but with a fizzle. Since all good things must come to an end, might as well make it as enjoyable as possible!

So how about it, do you guys know any end of days Anime that makes the road to oblivion seem kind of nice? Is there an anime apocalypse you would like to be stuck in, and why?

dragonmaide eats the world

24 thoughts

    1. I need to see it though it doesn’t sound so much like a pleasant end of the world as a pleasant show

  1. Do people really think Humanity Has Declined is unwatchable? I’m surprised. It’s a great series. That’s a world I wouldn’t mind living in too much — a real human decline probably would not be so pleasant.

    1. I’ve had a few people tell me they couldn’t get past episode 1 or 2. It made me sad…

  2. Humanity Has Declined is a favorite of mine! Great to see it mentioned here. I’ve seen all the others except for the one everyone else also seems to not know, Yokohama Kaidaishi kikou. I’ll have to check it out soon.

  3. You actually managed to find an anime I’ve never heard of (and it’s not Sunday without God, which I’ve seen and moderately enjoyed). It’s Yokohama Kaidaishi Kikou, which looks adorable. I’ll have to check this out some time.

    I’m not surprised by spot number one. I immediately expected Humanity Has Declined to take this spot.

    I’m also not surprised to see so many people mention Girl’s Last Tour. It’s one of the best.

    I can’t think of anything by myself, unless you count a short I recently mentioned: Donyatsu (where humans are gone and creatures half animals and half pastry a fooling around).

  4. Hmm…well, I think I already tolda you once that I really enjoy the post apocalyptic genre. Does that make me dark? Haha…I don’t know. But as for pleasant end of days anime, I think one that might fall into this category is School-Live. While the world itself might not be all too pleasant (it’s a zombie apocalypse) it’s the characters that do make it pleasant. A bunch of school girls try to keep the zombie apocalypse from one of the other girls by acting as if everything is okay and normal. It’s a series with a lot of laughs, tears, and scary stuff. I really enjoyed it 😊 I loved this post, and now I have a few new animes to look out for 😊

    1. Like I saud, personally I liked watching school live a lot but I’m not sure I would wAnt to live it

  5. I really liked girl’s Last Tour, it was very cute for post apocalyptic world.

    Not sure if it counts but if I was stuck i world that is dying it would have to be Gakkō Gurashi! (School Live) where I would live the end of my days like Yuki does. I mean I imagine Tarōmaru running around here from time to time, so I am half there already.

    1. I dunno Gurashi seemed pretty traumatizing to me. Besides knowing myself I would have died horribly whithin 4 seconds. Great show though

      1. Well, I meant if I could see the world like Yuki did, I guess dying would not seem to horrible when you are under the dillusion like you just lost a game of tag or something.

  6. I definitely want to check out Yokohama Kaidaishi Kikou. I heard great thing about that series. My favorite “happy” end of the world series is Kurogane Communication. This year, I got to check out the 2009 remake of Jungle Emperor Leo which surprisingly had post-apocalyptic elements.

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