This is one of my favourite post titles. And they do mention moonrise and moonset in the episode. I didn’t just make that up. If you want to know what Granbelm was about this week, you should go over to 100 Word Anime and read all about it. If you just want to know what it looked like, then make yourself comfy right here!

As you can see, the art quality is pretty consistent throughout. That’s usually one of the first things that gets sacrificed with budget so I can’t help but to be impressed by that. Camera angles are less interesting this week.

The light is constantly changing in this show. They really go through the full spectrum and they’re not subtle about it at all. Can’t say I don’t like that. As a fan of colourful series these ever changing skies that tint entire scenes are really fun to look at.

And here we have the mechas I don’t care for as much. As you can see Granbelm is quite pretty but the mecha designs are just average at best. I do enjoy how expressive the girls are though. Once again the background palette changes quite a bit from scene to scene. I haven’t seen any sort of narrative significance to it yet but it’s pretty to look at. That’s good enough for me!

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  1. I’m up to date with the show now, and I actually really like it. I’d not have come back if not for your posts on the show, so thanks for that.

    It’s amazing, though, how quickly and steeply my interest drops when the mecha appear. It was a bit better this episode because we have some more context, but on the whole those fight scenes don’t work as well.

    In the opening, there’s this scene where their crystal passes in front of all the girls’ faces. Some close their eyes when this happens, and some don’t. Significant?

    I’ll hop over to Karandi’s in a moment.

    1. I completely agree with you on the mecha side and I’m psyched to hear you’re enjoying it

  2. The Mecha shown in EP3(10) image really reminds me a lot of
    Rokusho from Medabots, like if it would evolve or won some better parts or something.
    Pretty screenies though, might take a peek at it after that. Thanks

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