You know what’s better than writing posts about anime? Getting someone whose talent you admire to write most of them for you. No one tell Matt he’s being tricked!

Somehow, I got Matt to agree to a full season collaboration with me where I get to sit back and feed off his skill and creativity for weeks on end and all I have to do in exchange is watch an anime about cute horse girls… Wait, oh no, did I get duped again? It’s normal when someone asks for your social security number before a collab, right?

So for our first post, we’ll be covering the two fist episodes of Pretty Derby!, well Matt will be, I’ll be asking occasionally snarky questions. Here we go!

Anime Q and A

(Guest Question Asker: Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime)

Matt, what even is this show? Wait I know what show it is I watched the first 2 eps too for the purposes of this collab, but you know, drinking…! Hi Irina! Welcome to Anime QandA! We’re talking about Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, which I kinda forced you to watch…

Haha, you say “forced”, I say blackmailed…. We’re all friends here. So this is what having friends that aren’t a construct of my own mind feels like? I like it!

So on first glance, some people may think this is just a loli, ponyplay, idol hell mashup but how would You describe the show? Well I know you’re just asking for the benefit of the readers and also because it’s kind of a staple of my reviews, but it’s about a starry eyed country girl ‘Special Week’ whose moved…

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10 thoughts

  1. Trivia: “Eclipse first, the rest nowhere.”

    Famous quote about racehorse Eclipse who retired because he was much too successful (as no-one was betting on anyone else when he started). He became a stud, and via Sunday Silence became the progenitor of both Silence Suzuka and Special Week.

    Information brought to you courtsey of the wikipedia pages of Elicpse and Sunday Silence.

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