Hi guys! This isn’t the “real” post. The REAL post that discusses this episode is over on Crow’s site. I know you guys all know Crow by now but just to make things easier, here’s the actual link to that post, please go and give it a look if you haven’t already. We would really appreciate it!

This here is just the gallery post. In case you aren’t familiar with what I mean by that, I use to do a lot of episode reviews with Karandi or just over on 100 word anime, and I would create companion posts just as a place to put all my screencaps without filing up someone else’s media library. I would occasionally comment on the visuals as well since that wasn’t really discussed in the episode reviews. So I’m half reviving it now with re:Zero. Continue “reading”for way too many screencaps…

I don’t dislike the character designs in Re:Zero but so far this season I have fund them to be a bit inconsistent, which is something I didn’t remember from last season.

But there is one character design that I find…frustrating. Emilia! Now Emilia is very pretty and I think both her face and costume ae great. But! It’s this huge in universe deal that she’s a half-elf. It’s a bit more complicated than that but still it has been a source of hardship. And one of the traits that singles her out is her ear! Otherwise her face and proportions aren’t that out of the ordinary. Why didn’t they give the poor girl a nice hat to wear? Maybe a wig? Or she could just take that hair ornament out en cover her ears… It won’t solve everything but it’s a start. Like from a distance it could help..

I’m gonna talk about the eyes soon!

In the past 3 years or so, there’s been a trend in anime of creating super yellow-orange sunset scenes, and I guess re:Zero jumped onboard. Which I am happy for. I really like is aesthetic and I love how just adding a bit more red or a bit more green can make the scene go from warm and inviting to bleak and ominous.

The other unusual feature Emilia has are her pupils which are light blue. That’s weird. t’s a subtle touch that definitely marks her as “other” and just looks pretty with her purple eyes. I was gonna say that no one else has weird pupils then BAM, the return of Queen Bea (Beatrice to you lot!) and of course she has awesome pink flower pupils. I don’t think it’s particularly fair to compare anyone to Beatrice so we can write it off. She’s n a class of her own.

One thing I will say, even though I clearly remember the twins and Beatrice of course, I realize that all the supporting cast (except Felix) srt of bend together in my head. It’s not exactly that they look alike, they all have very distinctive traits, but they do seem to have been made on the same model. That could be to reinforce the themes  of racial tensions in this world.

I really like the framing in that first image up there. With the backlit window. However I do have a nitpick. This is very petty I now. But the shadows seem off. In fact  the shadows generally seem a bit off in th show but it struck me ore in that image. It’s like their on a set and there’s a light just off camera to make sure Rem’s face is properly illuminated… I told you it was petty. It just hit me. I think this very pretty image would have looked even cooler with some deep dramatic shadows!

Oh oh…the villains have light pupils too? In fact didn’t that last bad guy have a lot of design elements that parallel Emilia. I wonder if there’s a reason for that? I don’t have a good screencaps but they do have a lot more design similarities than other characters so far.

Finally,  gotta say that ED was pretty striking. It could be a bit gruesome for soe but I found it super evocative and it just made me want to watch more. That’s exactly what you want your ED visuals to do. Good job on that! And if you made it all the way here and don’t want to scroll back up for the link to the review, I got you: https://www.crowsworldofanime.com/posts/rezero-episode-27-the-lost-forest-of-clemaldy/ 

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  1. Nice gallery and i hope the sucess of these new seasons and revivals means that shows long over due for a new season like Outlaw Star and Afro Samurai follows suit.

  2. Still like the gallery posts. Here, I’m reminded just how pretty the forest was.

    Didn’t Emilia wear a hood at the start of season 1? I think she’s openly running with her appearance – that’s part of the point for her.

    When I saw that final bady in the preview I wondered if that was going to be Satella, but it’s another witch.

    1. She did have a hood. She’ also had several hairstyles but all of them she her ears which is a bit odd

  3. I like the gallery idea with commentary! It reminds me of the commentary track on some DVDs. I enjoyed those so much there’d be times I’d buy a DVD for a movie I didn’t like just to hear the director talk about it!

    Now that you pointed out the shadows, I can’t unsee it. I’m imagining the lighting crew, one of them responsible for a keylight, making sure the characters’ faces are illuminated!

    1. I’m not sure if you ever read them but I was doing these kinds of posts for over a year. It’s fun.

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