With all this talk lately about how “unique” I am, some of you may have forgotten that I am also on supremely lovely individual. What do you mean it only applies to the blog? Oh that’s it I’m going to cut some…I mean: fiddlesticks….

I’ll level with you, when Shoka nominated me for this award I was honestly baffled. I can understand how someone may be tricked into thinking this, let’s say website, is unique but you really got suspend that disbelief like a champ to call it “Lovely”. I do know Shoka’s an absolute sweetheart so that’s probably what happened there.

But that means Shoujo has no excuse! Actually Shoujo is also just pure sunshine so I’ll excuse her extremely liberal interpretation of the word lovely. If you want to see an actual lovely blog for comparaison, go check out Shoujo Thoughts – it’s like if the yummiest dessert and your favorite music were a blog. You should also most definitely see her 7 things about her because it’s adorable.

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Downright repulsive compared to Shoujo’s blog

Finding 7 things about ME, that weren’t going to immediately comatose people or have them quietly alert the authorities was a challenge. Finding another 7 is most likely going to take some doing…

Everybody needs rule:

One Lovely Blogger Award

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog –THANK YOU SHOUJO
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
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Now to share things about me….

1 – I play by the rules

90% of what I write here is essentially parody so some of you may have gotten a real erroneous picture of who I actually am. I’m pretty laid back and like to think I’m generally accepting but I like rules. Whether they be legislative, moral or “of physics”, rules make me feel like I’m on solid ground.

I like to know what’s expected of me and what my role is. That doesn’t mean I won’t bend a rule here and there or break one I believe is unreasonable, but I want to do so knowingly and conscientiously.

All of this of course is a symptom of my overall personality but basically – I’m the opposite of cool. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is tricking you and you should really wonder what their secret, and obviously nefarious goal is.

2 – When I was little I wanted to be a biomechanic

Biomechanics is still a fairly emerging field so who knows, maybe I’ll still get a chance but as a kid that was what fascinated me the most. The union of machine and man and the simple functional aspect of creating synthetic replacements seemed like the closest I was ever going to get to magic.

I’m not creative like a lot of bloggers so the idea of producing something artistic (i.e. actual magic) seemed very much out of my reach. But I am good with data, logic puzzles and I have a decent memory. The field combined the massive amounts of memorization needed for most health science disciplines with the fun math and logic mining of engineering and had the potential to yield something with real world benefits so I thought it would be fun. I realized I would probably never be part of a project that created a limb or a neural implant and that in practice I would sit in front of a computer staring at repetitive number strings day in and day out but I was ok with that.

This was before high school. I’m a nerd is what I’m saying.

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I also may have gotten the impression that academics are hot

3- My favorite posts to write so far have been Magic-kyun and Uta no Prince Sama

You could probably tell. There is such a freedom that comes from embracing your kitschy side and to be perfectly honest I lost sight long ago of whether I’m enjoying these shows ironically or sincerely. All I know is that I AM enjoying the A LOT.

So I’m also a dork.

4 – I think you should go to jail for drinking and driving.

Let me say this again, this site is parody. I know you all know this and stopped taking me seriously long ago but a little voice in the back of my head occasionally screeches at me that I really should let people know that having a few drinks can be awesome, (and if it’s not your thing that’s cool too) but alcoholism is horrible and drinking and driving is unforgivable.

I’ve left these disclaimers out because they’re obvious and not really in line with the tone I usually write in but let me say it here once and for all:

If you feel like you HAVE to have a drink, talk to someone. Please.

If you just happen to have A drink (just one) do NOT drive. Ever! Get an uber – you might make a new friend. Walk home, it’s good for you and it’ll lessen or negate your hangover. Get that hot little piece that’s been checking you out to get you home. They’ll be super impressed by how thoughtful and responsible you are!

5- My best friend’s name is Buddy

Yeah of course he’s my dog. Yup it’s so cliché I probably didn’t even need to mention it. But you know what – I really love my dog. It makes me happy to annoy anyone that comes within a 10 mile radius with that fact. I know you also like your dog/cat. Tell me about it. Send me pics.

I know, I know, I’m basic.

Image result for anime dog
I don’t care – puppys are awesome!

6- I have an unexplained attraction to clockwork.

First I really enjoy the word itself. I think it’s fun to say. But I also am into the tiny gears.

When I was a kid I would maniacally take apart any watch that had the misfortune to pass through my grip. I had this tiny box full of clockwork pieces that I carried around with me. It was one of my treasures.

It took me years to figure out how to put the watches together again and even then I wouldn’t do it because I liked them so much better in separate pieces. Even though I very rarely wear a watch at all, I still have a lot of trouble resisting any of those open face time pieces with exposed works. It’s even cooler when they move…

I’m a little odd.

7- I’m weirdly insulted about not being insulted

Ok this one is probably going to betray just how nuts I am but I kinda wonder if I’ve been doing something wrong because I have yet to get a negative comment. Sometimes people misinterpret my posts and explain to me stuff that’s really obvious because my writing occasionally makes it seem like I’ve got a spike through my head, but even when my readers obviously feel bad about my ignorance, they remain really supportive and positive.

I know I have posted some opinions that are not in line with the mainstream. Granted, I’ve hardly ever written anything important enough to be considered controversial but with the state of the internet you can usually find someone who will threaten to murder you because you prefer jam to marmelade. Well bad example. What kind of monster prefers jam?

The MOST contradictory comment I have ever gotten was actually a tweet about my “feminist” post which just said – none of those points stand up to any kind a scrutiny. Now I have been open about the fact that I’m a little out of my depth on those issue so I was actually pretty excited about getting a potential dialogue going so I asked for just a bit more clarification. Basically I said, you know, I honestly am not at all an expert on the issue and it’s very possible that I’ve missed a few things. I would love to know your thoughts. Unfortunately, I never got a reply.

So am I too boring to flame? Yeah – I’m petty crazy. Also PLEASE don’t start filling my comments with hate. But if you disagree you can tell me. I may never talk to you again….

Hmm this turned out way too serious. Let me fix that:

Xenon walks into a bar, the bartender says “We don’t serve your kind here”. Xenon does not react!

Ha! Chemistry joke! Did I mention the part about being a nerd?

Ok so here are the way cooler than me people I would like to nominate because they also happen to be lovely and I want to know more about them:

As always, it’s been absolutely lovely chatting with you all.

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53 thoughts

  1. “Get that hot little piece that’s been checking you out to get you home.”

    Lines like these have 100% chance to urge peeps to avoid driving after having a drink…

    “Xenon walks into a bar, the bartender says, ‘We don’t serve your kind here!’ Xenon doesn’t reacts.”

    Not sure if I should laugh insanely enough to force my parents into getting an appointment with a psychatrist, or bang my head on the wall as hard as I can to release my pent up frustrations…..
    Tough choice, huh?

    If only I had a dog too….

    Welp, nevermind that. Congrats on getting the award~!

  2. Congrats on nomination!!
    Omg a science nerd! This post is like an electron – I didn’t manage to feel the gravity of the situation!
    Being a science nerd is awesome! There’s like an endless selection of evolutionary jokes to pull out from the joke pool.
    Looking forward to more lovely posts!!

  3. My old dog was named Buddy too. He was a labrador retriever who LOVED eating. Any people food he found, he would steal. RIP, my Buddy. My current best friend is Washington, an Alaskan Malador. I call him an oversized puppy because he hates being alone. Both are rescue dogs because RESCUE DOGS ARE AWESOME!!
    Sorry for the soapboxing. What kind of dog is your Buddy? How old is he? What does he like to do?

    Congrats by the way on the award!

    1. Well Krystallina, you asked for it!. Buddy just turned 7, he’s a rescue too and he’s a pitbull. They get abandoned a lot. He’s the sweetest, gentlest most not interested in putting in the effort required to be aggressive, dog ever. Maladors are gorgeous and ACTIVE!!! Are you in a cold country? I don’t know why I had decided you were in Australia…..

      1. I’m in the U.S. It gets pretty cold where I live, and Washington certainly enjoys the snow when winter comes around. Except for the year when the snow banks were bigger than he is. XD
        And you have a rescue dog, that’s awesome! Adopted pets are the best pets.

        1. NIce! Buddy hates the snow, the snow banks are usually bigger than him, we get a lot. Buddy also hates the rain, the warm, the wind…basically he is anti-weather.

  4. To be serious for once, if I thought you were an advocate for alcohol abuse (consciously or unconsciously), I wouldn’t be here. I had horrible experiences with alcoholics, to the point that, in exceptional cases, I can get queasy watching loving depiction of drinks. (I once tried to watch the anime Bartender. The anime starts with the camera sweeping lovingly over a very pretty bar. Lots of shelves with beautiful bottles. I had to close the window because I couldn’t take it.) I don’t take well to alcohol romanticism. I’m uncomfortable with a cultural drinking default. When I tell people I don’t drink at all, most accept it without question, but every other time or so somone thinks that’s a challenge. It isn’t. I don’t drink, and if people don’t accept that, they’ll have to live with the fact that I’ll try to maximise the distance between us. With all that said, I never once got bad vibes from your blog. I’m perfectly fine here.

    Also, I don’t recognise that dog. (Some incarnation of Gintama maybe? Probably not.)

    1. Good! I occasionally worry younger readers may not get the joke.That dog is tricky it’s from the Persona 3 Animation. I loved the games so I put up with the animations

      1. Oh, so that’s Koromaru. I’ve only seen the first of the P3 films (and thought it was a better adaptation than P4). I’ll probably get around to watch the others (in the next two decades or so).

        And, yeah, the joke’s intutively clear to me (but I’m not sure I’m “younger”, being in my mid-forties and all).

  5. Congrats on getting the award! I’m surprised that people don’t get the parody elements with your reviews. That’s their loss. I definitely agree with opinions not matching up with the mainstream. It’s certainly why most of the stuff I review isn’t mainstream and some of the movies and anime I review has some controversial aspects. Just keep on keeping on, Irina. You deserve this award!

  6. I hate you for that Xenon joke.
    Since you mentioned haters, I was so surprised when I first joined WordPress. What part of the fandom have I stumbled into? You join any other forum and there are people just arguing with for the sake of it. People here are just nice and mature.

  7. Honestly I had just wanted to start my comment with nothing positive and all negatives. Just to see what kind of response that would give. But I guess people stopped taking me seriously a very long time ago as well, so there is that 😂😂
    But of course congratulations on yet another well deserved award. I could go on and on about how great your blog is, how great a person you yourself are etc. etc. But …if you don’t know that by now, I don’t know how to make that any clearer to you. Great post, and wonderful answers as always (or should I say Lovely answers lol 😂😂).

          1. Haha, somehow I knew you were going to say that 😂😂 No worries though, I don’t even think I could ever bring myself to give an evil comment in any way. If that were ever to happen my mind is probably taken over by aliens (which means reality has crumbled I guess 😊).

  8. Congratulations on getting nominated! 😄 And thank you so much for the nomination! That is so sweet of you to say I’m cool and lovely! :’) I loved reading the facts about you they were so interesting!

          1. Yeah I have begun to realise that! It’s so weird (but amazing) because I thought these tags were for bigger bloggers and I never expected to start showing up in these tags so soon! It’s lovely to see though! 😄😊

  9. I prefer jam to marmalade, fight me.

    Haters are overrated. I’ve had one guy who has been whining and moaning at me every so often over the course of the last year all because I once told him he should probably stop whining and moaning at people who made things he didn’t like and concentrate on the things he did like. Last time he popped up and tried to be a silly person I gave him an earful that may have included a few rude words and he hasn’t bothered me since. I don’t think he was used to people standing up to him. Not unusual for a wannabe bully!

    Also alcoholism sucks. I’ve known a few people close to me who have been affected to various degrees, and it is horrific both for the people involved and the people around them who have to deal with it. I hardly touch alcohol myself any more as a result.

    Quick, end with something positive and nice after all that heavy stuff. Uhhh… I think you and your blog are lovely and that this award was well-deserved! Keep it up! 🙂

        1. No real on the part where you nominated me back! AH!

          Hey I have a doggy too! His name is Lucky but I always call him unlucky ’cause he’s so damn aggressive…

            1. … I’m always inside my own building, guarding it and so does my dog — always guarding my parents’ home…

              Please no more sorceries!

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