This is just a quick post because I really like this deal.

In case some of you aren’t familiar with Humble Bundle, they are a great way to pick up games (and more) at very reasonable prices and profits go to a great cause. They have a great selection of Visual Novels for a steal right now. Check it out:

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  1. I have been tempted so many times to start reading/playing visual novels. But as I already have way too little time on my hands, I have resisted it so far. Must…resist……as..well 😂😂

        1. This will come as a great shock to people who’ve been reading my blog for a bit but I enjoyed Steins:Gate a lot. I also really liked Gahkthun, I think it’s way underrated! There are more…A lot more.

  2. NEP-NEP <3

    And yeah, this is a quality bundle. Worth noting for those who care about such things that these are all-ages editions where the option exists; I believe this mainly affects eden* and Princess Evangile in particular. While MangaGamer now offers 18+ patches for its new games for free, in the case of these titles, which are a little older, I believe if you want the 18+ versions you have to buy them separately at full price.

    There are some proper "classics" in here. Higurashi is supposed to be really good (though I'm yet to try it) and I've heard a lot of good things about Princess Evangile. And the developer of eden*, minori, develops some of the most eye-wateringly beautiful visual novels I've ever seen; I've previously reviewed their episodic title Supipara on my site.

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