Hello Everyone!

I’m just dropping this very short post to vent!

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more often that some of your blogs seem to randomly stop showing up in my reader. I’m still subscribed but I don’t see your new posts. This is a huge pain since I follow a LOT of blogs and not everyone has strict publishing schedules so it’s not always obvious for me to notice that I’ve missed a post.

So if I haven’t been around in a while, I’m most likely not seeing your latest posts, it’s not that I don’t like you anymore (unless you deserve it! – no one deserves it, you’re all precious).

I haven’t quite figured out how to solve this problem yet but I’m working on it. If you guys have had anything similar happen, I would love to now how you fixed it.

In the meantime, I am not amused!


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  1. I’ve had this problem as well which is why I end up missing some blogs. It’s a shame that this is happening. I guess the best thing to do would be to let wordpress know and see what they say. Hopefully everything gets resolved soon!! 😊

  2. Same thing happening to me at the moment.
    It should get resolved in a couple of days (that’s what happened last time)

    I swear though Rin-san, the reader showed me only till “more and more of you” and I was like, “Damn, we did something”

  3. This sounds like Twitter’s irritating “shadowbanning” thing, where people just don’t show up in certain people’s feeds or reply threads for no apparent reason. The one who has been “shadowbanned” doesn’t get any sort of notification that it has happened, why it has happened or how to resolve it either, which makes it particularly annoying to deal with.

    I hope WordPress isn’t doing something similar and this is just a glitch that gets resolved quickly. That said, fingers crossed, I don’t seem to have had any such issues on my Reader feed so it may just be a temporary issue for you — although I guess it’s difficult to say for sure!

  4. Ugh…Wordpress can be truly annoying at times. What sometimes helps is refreshing your reader when you are browsing through the new posts. I have seen it happen that new posts make an appearance in that way in between the posts that you have already read. But true enough WordPress seems to have a lot of glitches the past few weeks. Hope it gets resolved soon for you 😊

    1. This is a problem tha I have had quite a number of times. Your comments aren’t disappearing: they are sent to the spamfilters of the people you are responding too. What I have done in the past is inform people through a post to check their spamfilters. Usually the problem (at least with me it did) lasts for about a day and then it gets resolved again. Hope this helps 😊

      1. Ah, no, I didn’t mean that, I meant generally the notifications in your control panel not disappearing even after you looked at them. But thanks for the advice anyways!

        1. Ah okay, sorry I misunderstood. But that sounds like another very annoying problem. Really WordPress is having way too many issues currently 😢 Hope this one gets resolved for you soon.

          1. It is VERY annoying because my mini-OCD just keeps telling me to click on the red dot even though I already know that there is no new notifications…

            1. Ugh, that truly does sound awful 😢 I really hope WordPress is going to do some kind of update this year to hopefully get rid of a few of these bugs.

  5. It kinda reminds me of the whole Facebook and IG thing where you only get like trending post or older post first. I want to see the most relevant post not something posted 5 days ago! I hate social media algorithms sometimes XD

      1. Thing is I used to get them only when I unlock my phone and they came in huge package at once, freezing up my phone even. I was going go blame Auri for spamming likes but I guess it is WordPress that’s having a glitch.

        Now I just don’t get any notification whatsoever. I have to manually check it in the app lol. Real pain.

  6. Since I’m still not following any where near as many people as you i still subscribe by email, but I have noticed one or two posts occasionally not showing in reader after i get an email for them. I hope WordPress fixes this problem soon.

  7. That’s so weird. Some of us did take long breaks due to the holiday season, but if you’re noticing a lot of misses then definitely contact WordPress. Hopefully they’re not going the Facebook route where you only see a select group and no one else.

    1. Well that would certainly be the worst. Yeah – I figured people weren’t posting as much but I still decided to visit a few blogs directly today to rummage through archives and realized I’d missed multiple posts

  8. HUH I didn’t know this was happening. I was actually wondering something similar last month but I just figured stuff got buried bc some bloggers I follow just blog that frequently :/ hopefully this gets resolved!

          1. I have to say that extra cold fresh air feel kind of good. I just pass the last four days in my house without doing out 😅 I wasn’t working so I didn’t see the need to dress and go outside

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