Guys, guys! I did a thing…Well not so much did as I was present for a thing! More precisely a podcast.

The fine folks who actually did do the thing are : Shoujo, Leth, Scott, Hazelyn  & Remy, but they let me talk at the end and were too polite to edit it out. Aren’t they just the sweetest?

In all seriousness though, these guys actually know what they’re talking about and all have different preferences and views when it comes to anime so that when they all get together, you can get a really balanced and complete conversation going. If you’ve ever wanted to just hear what people of all sorts think about anime, then you are in so much luck! Or just use it to pretend you have friends willing to discuss anime with you and shout back at the podcast – it’s what I usually do with these things!

Image result for anime yelling at radio
My podcast listening devices may need some upgrading

Shoujo is, as I’ve mentioned before, in all things adorable including in voice and presence. A fan of, you’re never going to guess this… shoujo, she will delight you with her effervescent charm. Scott is an analytical force to be reckoned with, a fan of sci-fi and thought-provoking anime classic and modern, he’ll give you something to wrap your mind around. Leth is just so $?%”@ beautiful, his beauty will actually seep out of your speakers (partly in the form of a really hot accent). You should probably sit down before you listen to him. Hazelyn is just lovely. The most graceful type of lovely. I’m pretty openly jealous. Who else could make constant fangirling sound so classy. We didn’t get a chance to get into this time, but I’m hoping to hear more about her architectural take on anime in the future. I already talk enough about Remy and besides he wasn’t there this time, so he doesn’t get a descriptive. Instead I urge you to go fill his comment section with encouragements to be there next time!

As for me… Well this was my first time doing anything even remotely similar. Since text has rendered telephones obsolete, I have limited my verbal interactions with other humans to the strict minimum I can get away with and not get fired. But you know when you discover a completely green content creator. They’re not very good, clumsy and awkward but in time they get better. You get that sort of unique bond of, in a sense, watching them grow up. Well you can do that with me! If you want to – give it a listen.

Constructive criticism welcomed! Don’t make me cry please (Shoka)… Oh oh, and if you guys have any suggestions for topics or questions for any of these guys – leave them in the comments!

You can follow the podcast on twitter with the handle @innominatecast, and the youtube channel is Innominate Anime Podcast.

I hope you like it!

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  1. Would you believe I’ve been looking for a podcast? I have, for a while, to fill my bath time so I don’t end up dropping something electronic in the water that I’m reading off of and killing myself. Can you actually die if it’s not plugged in? I need to reevaluate my life choices… Anyway I can’t wait to give this a listen. So sad that I probably won’t have time till Monday, but I shall anticipate it!

  2. Thanks for sharing our podcast with your followers!

    You provided the best and most accurate descriptions of our group, aside from my voice which is… No. I hate it. Haha.

    And you were awesome! We look forward to working with you in the future episodes.

    Here’s to, hopefully, many more podcasts with you guys! It’s been a real pleasure working with you all so far!

  3. Oh, fun! I used to podcast semi-regularly, but everyone else who was involved in it became boring and disappeared off the face of the Earth so I haven’t done it for a long time. I have made a few YouTube vids recently(ish), which is a similar sort of thing and I’d like to do more of that, though.

    Haven’t had a chance to listen yet but hope you all had a good time and are looking forward to doing more, refining your format and developing (deep breath, reverb) THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE

    Ahem. Anyway. Always happy to see people doing interesting and fun creative things, I’ll have a listen when I have some free time!

    1. Turns out I have time now. And haha, I made that previous comment without realising that the show was literally introduced as “the single greatest podcast in the universe”. Great minds and all that.

  4. AHH Amazing work on the first podcast! I’ve tuned into a bit of the podcast and honestly I really enjoy it so far. Of course, there is always room for improvement but what I love is how it flowed naturally and it didn’t sound scripted; it was like being apart of a chill, comfortable conversation with a group of really cool people. Keep up the amazing work, I’m excited for the next episode! :))

      1. Sorry I may have phrased that wrong – Idk, some podcasts (or at least some I’ve listened to) follow like a strict guideline or can have forced humour to make it more entertaining. For yours I felt it was more freeflow and like a genuine conversation? I guess thats the point of podcasts, but Idk, I can’t English. Sorry if that came across wrong.

  5. You always are such an amazing person, has anyone ever told you that? You always spread so much kindness about others, while you are at the same time not putting yourself in the spotlight. So, that’s why I think you are amazing, and never forget that. This really is a great idea: I wish you all the best with it, and you certainly are a group/force to be reckoned with 😊

    1. I’m reading this at 5:30 in the morning, getting ready to go out, to walk Buddy in a snowstorm and this comment has made me so happy and warm it’s going to make me smile for the rest of the day. Thank you Raistlin!

  6. Of course I see all the interesting posts JUST as I have to leave for school!!!
    Rin-san, I’ll have to get back to you after school, but this sounds really exciting already~

  7. I’m listening to it as I type this comment and…it was kinda shocking to hear all of you speak, because like Artemis I didn’t imagine you had those voices, especially Lethargic and his accent. (I’m questioning my pronunciations for a bunch of anime words + “magus” now, as well…)

    I’d prefer to keep my gender a secret when I’m online (in most cases/places) and I sounded like a kid when I tried recording myself in the past, so I don’t want to do podcasts…Text is fine. I like text.

    Should I watch 50% Off or the real thing first? (I don’t particularly like Free!, but that’s because I like ectomorphs – i.e. bishies without much muscle – more.)

    Why did you call the podcast “Innominate”? (Or should I ask Shoujo/Lethargic for that one?)

    1. Actually the name’s my fault – we couldn’t come up with one for ages so I ended up suggesting a synonym for nameless…
      I watched 50% off first and really enjoyed it. In fact I only watched Free! because of 50% off.

  8. Calling me out for making a woman cry…
    That’s underselling. 😭

    As mentioned, I’m all for giving my voice if you guys end up lacking people haha

  9. I first saw this one my twitter feed and I was immediately curious about it. I thought it was really nice! This particular group of people definitely seems like an entertaining circle to be apart of and it was nice to hear the voices of some of the bloggers that I follow.

    Coincidentally I was juggling around the idea of doing a podcast on my own, so I’m glad it seems like an fun thing to do. 😀

  10. Nice one! It’s always so interesting hearing first podcasts from bloggers I regularly read and being able to put a voice to the name – nobody ever sounds like what I imagine (I guess primarily because I have a hard time just making up an American accent in my head). Plus, I’m always slightly in awe of people who do podcasts because I don’t know if I’d have the guts to put my own literal voice out there so publicly. I hate what I sound like recorded… assuming I even recognise myself at all.

      1. I have already listen to about half of it and I am really enjoying it so far! There is something about people just discussing anime and having fun that is just so enjoyable to listen to! 😊 You’re very welcome! 😄

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