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Flying Witch Review 1

Flying Witch

Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C.Staff As part of her training to become a full-fledged witch, Makoto moves to a rural town to live with her cousins. There she does rural town witchy stuff. Look this show isn’t really about some big overarching plot. Lots of little stuff happens.  This series rounded off...


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Genre : Romance, supernatural, school, kissing Episodes: 12 Studio: Liden Films   Yamada is thug with a heart of gold but unfortunately for him most people don’t really get past the thug part. This has led to some difficulty when trying to make friends, so he gave up. What Yamada doesn’t know though is that his school...


Witchcraft Works

Genre: Shoujo, Magic, Supernatural Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C.Staff   Honoka keeps running into the school princess, Ayaka. They take the bus together, they’re in the same class, they even share cleanup duty, but he’s never managed to have an actual conversation with her. Despite the completely innocent nature of their relationship, Honoka keeps getting attacked because of...