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My Top 5 Great Anime with Questionable Premises

Anime can be kind of weird in general, however for this list I’m not just picking anime that is weird to watch. These are series where the actual base premise is really odd or even kind of dumb sounding. Sure Paranoia Agent or Serial experiments Lain were pretty trippy to watch but when you strip...


Top 5 Anime That Made (Just) Me Think

I’m an odd sort of fellow. My brain latches onto very incongruous things and then just expands on them in ways that don’t always have a logical basis. I will find myself thinking back time and again on series and discovering new little elements to puzzle out. There are movies and shows which are obvious...


Top 5 Love Them or Hate Them Anime

You know how once in a while an anime comes along that you just can’t quite gauge. You can easily imagine someone calling it a masterpiece or a piece of trash and both are just as justifiable. There are a few titles like that, where I seem to hear both extremes and I always find...