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Ancient Magus Bride anime review 26

The Ancient Magus’ Bride, A Touch Of Glamour

Genre : Drama, supernatural, adventure, magical girl, fantasy Episodes: 24 Studio: Wit Studio Chise is a blessed child, beloved by the fairies and protected by her very own loyal grim, she spends sunny days learning magic at the foot of the ancient magus Elias. But it wasn’t always so. For you see, chise was born a cursed...


The Unforgivable Weakness of Chika

I still have a hard time fully sorting out my thoughts on the Ancient Magus’ Bride. If you’ve read my 3 (yup 3, 3rd one is scheduled for the last week of June) reviews for the series, you can see just how much my feelings jump around. There are some elements which were undeniably fantastic...


The Ancient Magus’ Bride (OVA)

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, Episodes: 2 Studio: Wit Studio   Chise is a beloved child, living a life of wonder and merriment while studying magic under the ancient Magus Elias, but it wasn’t always so… After receiving an old book as a gift, Chise begins to recount the story of how she had first came into...