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5 More Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes (Countdown to Halloween)

I love to cosplay….in theory. I do like dressing up but I always forget to start working on my consume until a few days before I need it, I don’t want to spend a fortune, I have little makeup skills and negative sewing skills and I need to be comfortable. So you know… I love...


Top 5 Anime to Watch With Your Crush

So, you’ve been eying that special someone for months now. You stalked them but just a little and in a sweet way. Besides everyone stalks on social media… You’ve learned all you could, goat absolutely all your courage together, and managed to ask them out. Great! Except what now? You’ve decided to introduce them to...


Serial Experiments Lain

Genre: Sci Fi, Psychological, Cyberpunk, Magical girl(?) Episodes: 13 Studio: Triangle Staff   Oh maaan… OK so like first scene – BAM, this girl kills herself and we have no clue why. Then, people at her school start getting emails from her (this was a while ago – you couldn’t just schedule your emails to send...