The times they are a-changin! You really can’t tell if someone is an anime blogger just by looking anymore! One morning, you’re just going about your daily adventures, enjoying life to the fullest and being your awesome self, the next thing you know, you’re an anime blogger! But how can you be really sure?

Or maybe you suspect someone you know to be an anime blogger as well. I guess you could just go ahead and ask them, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, I bring you the top 5 signs that you or someone you know may be an anime blogger!

obviously a trustworthy fellow

5) You are constantly surrounded by notebooks

Everyone knows it’s a good habit to keep a pen and paper around if you want to jot down some random useful information on the fly, like someone’s address or something. However, when the situation happens to the average person, they fruitlessly try to fish around for a pen in their bag, give up, write it down somewhere in their smartphone, forget where it is then just text the person when they need the address again…or get lost… or both!

Not so for the anime blogger. They have notebooks upon notebooks waiting for them everywhere they go with assorted pens to boot. Have you ever stopped in the middle of the street just to take out a pad and scribble down something? You may be a blogger. Do you get excited at the thought of ordering new anime notebooks? You are definitely an anime blogger!

chibi sword art online
I just thought this pic was cute

4) You compare everything to anime

After regularly analyzing and reviewing various anime, you’ve rewired your brain to think in terms of anime. When you meet someone new, they don’t remind you of a kid you knew in school, they remind you of a character from a show you saw a few seasons ago. When you try to explain an abstract concept, you regularly start referring to a series you saw before stopping yourself and going, wait never mind, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Things get really bad when you start randomly quoting anime without even noticing it. Thankfully, the people around you won’t be able to pick up on it so your cover is safe….for now!

why do they look so angry? the sunshine?

3) You complain that you can’t take screencaps when watching anime in theatres

(Thank you, Mel!)

Any anime fan loves the experience of being able to see their beloved shows on the big screen, but for anime bloggers, there’s a huge drawback, you can’t take screencaps! And those stingy theatre owners won’t just pause the movie every 2 minutes so you can take some high-resolution pics. I mean, is that too much to ask!

You know you’re an anime blogger when you show up at the theatre (with your notepad) and sit through your first viewing, in anticipation of when the movie will be available online for you to capture all those magnificent visuals for your devoted audience. I still refuse to believe there is such a thing as too many screencaps!

***I went to see Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apples in theatres with Mel and she must have complained at least a dozen times that she couldn’t take screencaps. I completely agreed with her!***

I shouldn’t be helping the children with their homework

2) You have vague anxiety/guilt whenever you’re not blogging or watching anime

Blogging is a weird hobby. It takes hold of you in a way that’s very different from anything else I do for fun. I’ve seen a huge number of bloggers fell bad that they aren’t writing posts or watching anime (i.e. gathering up material for posts) at all times. I get it. I have a very structured blogging life (I write on a schedule and tend to watch anime at the same hours) so as long as I generally stick to that I’m fine but when I get off track, it’s like I’m doing something just a little wrong…

With all the pressures and obstacles of modern life, if you happen to be putting pressure on yourself about not being up to date with the current season, you are most likely an anime blogger. I feel your pain!

happy anime

1) You enjoy anime more once you’ve written about it

Anime is a splendiferous art! It’s a colourful wonder that brings happiness to the world. Sometimes it’s a bit questionable… And yet, you somehow manage to squeeze even more joy out of it simply by throwing some words down on a page! Now that is magic.

If you are capable of doing that specific magic my friend, then you are certainly one of the few special creatures in the world known as anime bloggers! Do not take your gift for granted. You should be proud of such skills!

There you go, 5 easy ways to tell if you’re an anime blogger. It should be noted that you could be one of the few bloggers that don’t exhibit any of these traits but if you have 2 or more, odds are you are one of us. Even if you don’t have a blog, you are an anime blogger at heart and that’s what counts! Welcome to the fold!

Tell me, did I forget anything? Is there a common sign of anime bloggers that I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. All this is me! I used to write little reviews and stuff on random forums, but honestly that doesn’t feel as good as having your own blog! I know I just started, but I’m all giddy and excited! I’ve got loads of documents so for me the easy part is writing down everything I want to blog about, the hard part so far is curating every piece so that it fits! But anime makes everything fun!

    1. It’s so great to hear a blogger having fin with it. I’m sure it will come through in your posts

      1. 😂😂 not sure if successful is the right word either. But I appreciate the vote of confidence. Irina your a real one 🌻

  2. I’d say 4 for 5 on this – I’m not surrounded by notebooks all the time, but Evernote was my friend…that is, until the Clipper stopped working on me recently…and I’ve got way too many bookmarks for both round-ups and getting back to. I also rely on Google Keep in case a stray idea comes by.

    On that note, my library’s been getting in a lot of new manga/LNs and I’ve been getting the occasional novel alongside them, so these days, you find me surrounded by stacks of books instead…

  3. I can relate to some of these as far as games go. I wish I could just play and write about games all day. If I ever win the Powerball, I might just do that.

  4. Also: you measure time in blog posts. “Oh, yeah. Two blog posts from now, I’m busy.” or “That reminds me of something I read five blog posts ago…”

  5. #5 is a huge one for me even though most of my notebooks are for my fiction projects. However, Evernote has been a SUPER helpful supplement to both my fiction and reviewing notes. Hahaha! I certainly do compare a lot of things to anime like some live action movies doing things that remind me of anime (I’m going to ignore the low hanging fruit that stems from Inception and Dark City when it comes to live action films ripping off Japanese animation). I also have some anxiety when I can’t blog with any topic I cover, so that’s true.

  6. You’re welcome I guess.

    I have note book here and there and if I don’t have one I take a random piece of paper.

    Side note I still haven’t watch Dead Apple on my laptop to take those beautiful Chuuya screencap.

  7. I relate to all of these on some level, but that number one spot: definitely agree there!! I tend to love (or dislike) a series/film SO much more after I’ve discussed it.

    1. I don’t think there’s degrees.. it’s more like symptomes than tiers you know.
      And you are definetly an awesome animeblogger

  8. When I genuinely realized that number one is actually me to a t when it comes to my anime reviews… wild… yet I only have one notebook at a time but it is filled with memos to write more anime blog posts lol

      1. I mean… I think we both can admit that if the opportunity arose we’d buy more lol

    1. We all know you’re a special unique being in your own cathegory completely beyond definition.

        1. Like I was telling Scott – these are more like symptoms than criteria or requirements…

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