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What It Truly Takes To Be A Heroine

Genre: Isekai, coming of age, thriller, drama, comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, friendship, potty humour, wow Episodes: 7 Studio: Haoliners Animation League Have you ever fallen in love with a dream? Not in that way you perv! True love. The type that sneaks up on you. The type that can be difficult and frustrating. When that other...


Thank you

Hello everyone, This one is going to be a personal post. If you are here for the anime content, you rock and I hope to see you tomorrow. Today, I’m going to get a bit honest with all of you. As some of you may know, I recently lost my beloved dog Buddy and it...


The Monster and the Ghost of Class 3E

I’ve written a lot on Assassination Classroom. It’s obvious that I found the series inspiring. And for once, I actually planned ahead and left out something I wanted to discuss more in depth in its very on post. Namely: Rikuto Ikeda.