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Top 5 Anime to Heal a Broken Heart

Did you have fun on St Valentine’s Day last week? I bet you did! Everyone is on their best behavior for…some reason. Man, people are so easy to trick! But now it’s over and done with, the chocolate has gotten stale and your sweetie is right back to normal. For the lucky ones that means...


Top 5 Comedy Animes for Lina*

*****I was editing this when Lina posted that she will be taking a blogging break, of course! I’m still going to post it because I had fun writing it. Maybe if Lina comes back – she’ll be happy to have comedies waiting for her******* As I’m writing this (in June) work has been really crazy...


Top 10 +3 Anime Intros

***True story – I had just finished putting this post together when Karandi published her weekly in case you missed it post and I found out 3 other bloggers had the same idea that week….I’m going to wait a bit before publishing this*** I love a good OP. It’s not necessary but I think when...