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Top 5 Pleasant End of the World Animes

We’ve all gotta go sometime and popular belief dictates that eventually, the entire species is going to go as well. We’ve all seen the cautionary tales, post-apocalyptic wastelands in which the last few humans wander desperately clinging to life under horrific circumstances. Brought down by our own hubris, greed and/or ignorance. The end of days...


Kino’s Journey – The Bumpy Ride

  Genre : Slice of adventure, surrealism, drama Episodes: 12 Studio: Lerche   The world is full of pain. The ground eternally bloodstained from endless generations of violence, conflict and disasters. Even at their very best, humans are flawed creatures. Petty and scared, prone to cruelty. The world is a cold, lonely place and if you...


Top 5 Anime That Need Another Season

Anime is such a fickle mistress. There you are, innocently going about your life, when Zing Boom! You fall head over heels in love with a new anime. The world is brighter, there are birds singing, wonderous adventures and fascinating characters await you behind the screen just to have all of it ripped away right...