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My Top 5 Animes with Great Animation

I promised myself I would take some time to admire anime on technical merits and then promptly forgot all about it. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just started watching these really fun and endearing shows (Gurren Lagann and Cells at Work), that slowly develop characters by giving them benevolent but challenging foils...


Top 10.5 Anime Ending Themes

In general, end sequences tend to be less impressive than opening ones. This makes perfect sense since they are so much easier to skip and in our new world of streaming content sometimes get auto-skipped whether we want to or not, so I can’t blame studios for prioritizing the intros but once in a while...


Top 10 +3 Anime Intros

***True story – I had just finished putting this post together when Karandi published her weekly in case you missed it post and I found out 3 other bloggers had the same idea that week….I’m going to wait a bit before publishing this*** I love a good OP. It’s not necessary but I think when...