Love Tyrants and Fools

Genre : Harem, supernatural, comedy, romance Episodes: 12 Studio: EMT Squared   Seiji is just a boring average guy. No really, super boring and super average. He’s a harem protagonist after all. And he goes about he’s super boring average high school life at stereotypical anime high school, when out of the blue a fujoshi cupid more

Devils and Realist – The Supernatural Shonen-Ai Harem You Didn’t Know You Needed

Genre : Supernatural, comedy, adventure, harem shonen-ai, rainbows, occasional mullets Episodes: 12 Studio: Doga Kobo   William Twining is a realist. He has a responsibility to research and understand the world around him through science and reason. As the heir of the prestigious Twining family, he has been gifted with both brains and looks and it would more