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Top 5 Love Them or Hate Them Anime

You know how once in a while an anime comes along that you just can’t quite gauge. You can easily imagine someone calling it a masterpiece or a piece of trash and both are just as justifiable. There are a few titles like that, where I seem to hear both extremes and I always find...


Top 10.5 Anime Ending Themes

In general, end sequences tend to be less impressive than opening ones. This makes perfect sense since they are so much easier to skip and in our new world of streaming content sometimes get auto-skipped whether we want to or not, so I can’t blame studios for prioritizing the intros but once in a while...



 Genre : Sports, Feelings Episodes: 25 Studio:  Kyoto Animation,  Animation Do   An autistic orphan, who swims real good, has to figure out a way to earn a living after he graduates high school. Meanwhile, his old friend and rival – frival – Rin, a mutant shark boy, returns to town after years abroad, stirring up old memories....