Bungo Stray Dogs season 3 is the series that keeps on giving. You can see what the episode was like on Karandi’s blog, if you care about story and characters and all that silly stuff. But if you care about pretty pictures, then look no further!

I really liked the colour coding in the flashback scenes this week. And the use of blue outlines really gave off an off-kilter look. It instantly lets you know that something was not quite right. In this case that something was that the events we were watching were a decade old. It also makes it really easy to keep track of what is happening in the past and what’s in the present.

I’ve also noticed yet another scene of two characters sitting side by side outside with the city sprawled out in front of them. This is as much a recurring visual theme as the window framing of characters. It gives a nice sense of scale to the show.


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  1. I’ll watch Bungo Stray Dogs eventually. I swear. You’ve talked about it so much I’m like I have to at some point.

    1. This season just went up to a whle new level. The cinematic language is some of he best I’ve seen and although the story may at times seem like your classi superhero fluff, the mix of classical authors’ real lives and works is just so unique that I think it’s worth a try.
      I should be getting paid for this…

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