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The Top 5 Animes That Made Me Want to Order Take Out

Why does anime food always look so yummy? There you are, innocently sitting down to a few episodes after a long day at work and before you know it your drooling on your couch and wondering who will deliver okonomiyaki… I really love Okonomiyaki. There’s a tiny little restaurant that makes awesome ones in Montreal...


Dream Festival! R – Don’t Let Your Dreams be Dreams!

  Genre: School, Slice of life, idol, comedy Episodes: 12 Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures   Just because you’ve made your debut, doesn’t mean you’re an idol yet! That is the lesson all the boys of Dear Dream need to learn after winning the Dream Festival. Sure they’ve got an album out now and are reliably...


Dream Festival – Beyond Ultimate!

  Genre: CBDCT, School, Slice of life, brothers, idol, comedy Episodes: 12 Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures   Being an idol is an underappreciated art. It’s a lot more work than people think it is. Gruelling workouts and rehearsals to keep your voice and body in top physical shape. Constant promotion to get your name out...