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Yotsuiro Biyori – Come for the Tea, Stay for Everything Else

Genre: Slice of life, comedy, drama, relax, kitty! Episodes: 12 Studio: ZEXCS   There are those perfect little moments in life. Not the big important ones that change your destiny. The ones I’m talking about are the quiet mundane little times were nothing much happens but everything seems to just fall into place. For instance,...


Hinomaru Sumo – An Open Weight Challenge

Genre: Sports!, comedy, school, drama Episodes: 24 Studio: GONZO   People think sumo is all about girth. The biggest guy wins! And as usual, people are all wrong. Sumo is a delicate art and wrestlers take their strength from their spirit. Ok, delicate is not the right word. Art may not be the right word...


What It Truly Takes To Be A Heroine

Genre: Isekai, coming of age, thriller, drama, comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, friendship, potty humour, wow Episodes: 7 Studio: Haoliners Animation League Have you ever fallen in love with a dream? Not in that way you perv! True love. The type that sneaks up on you. The type that can be difficult and frustrating. When that other...