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Lamento Beyond the Void or How to Ruin Your Sleep Schedule with Catboys

Genre :  Fantasy, drama, yaoi, catboys, almostmullets Length: 30-50 years Studio: Nitro+ Chiral   It seems the Ribika (a race that evolved from cats) have just about reached the end of their rope. Not only has a terrible epidemic killed most of their females, bringing their species to the brink of extinction, but some type of...


Hellsing Ultimate – Now with more Nazis

Genre:  Horror, action, comedy, drama Episodes: 10 Studio:  Satelight (1–4); Madhouse (5–7);  Graphinica & Kelmadick (8–10)   The Hellsing organisation is back… or rehere…rebooted. You know it’s Hellsing again. Yadda yadda vampires, yadda yadda freak microchips yadda yadda OMG that is soooo much blood. Only this time there’s Nazis. And also a coherent narrative with a complete arc that includes a...