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Spending my evenings with Kaidyn’s Courage

Hello everyone, do you like to read? Personally, I love it. I read subtitles daily! But in all seriousness, there’s a unique magic to getting yourself lost in a good book, one that I wish I had more time for, to be honest. So I’m going to extend the experience a bit by telling you...


Because Sharing is Caring

You guys are starting to know me by now, right? You know that I’m basically a 4-year-old trapped in the body of a…well 12-year-old…and when I get excited about something I have to tell you right away! Well this is what I’m excited about at the moment: A Trust to Follow (Wild Magics Book 1)...


The Benefits of Having a Short Name (TBR(W) Tag)

Keiko has a great name. I’ve always really liked it. It looks pretty when written down and it’s super fun to say. Also, you get to have tons of *cake* related nicknames which should be a goal for everyone. I’m bringing this up because Keiko sweetly (subtle cake reference) tagged my for this fun post...