This is going to be a bit of an odd post even by my standards.

I really like the Haru meme. Do you guys know it. It’s basically this fairly innocent otaku meme that compares characters with similar archetypes to Haru from Free! Wait, this is going to explain it much better:

This is the Haru meme

I’m not sure that Yato and Rin really belong in there but you get the idea.

The Haru meme essentially focuses on characters that have a certain look (pretty boy with black hair and preferably blue eyes), a certain skill (usually a prodigy but with some type of big failing that holds them back) and a certain personality (stoic and occasionally a bit gloomy with varying levels of unfriendliness…) It’s the personality that sort of disqualifies Yato and Rin for me. They are both way too sociable to be true Haris in my head.

Anyways, I’ve been watching a few animes lately with a lot of good Haru candidates so I wanted to share them with you. Oh and by the way, Tobio is totally Volleybay Haru. That’s a perfect fit!

Baseball Haru: Satoru Furuya

A perfect pick if you ask me. Furuya has the look down pat and he is a genius pitcher but inconsistent and not great under pressure. He’s not so much antisocial as socially awkward, quiet and uninterested in being the center of attention. He is a little younger than the original Haru and it does show in a certain lack of maturity from time to time but other than that, he’s the quintessential Haru.

Backup Baseball Haru: Takaya Abe

The secondary lead from Big Windup. A fantastic catcher but kind of grumpy. He is really not as good a fit a Furuya but I still like the character and wanted to give him a shout-out. He’s a little too sociable and helpful to be a true Haru and although he has the black hair he doesn’t have the blue eyes and isn’t really considered a pretty boy in the series. Still, he’s right on the edge of the meme.

and a very happy holiday to YOU!

Acting Haru: Takato Saijou

The main character of DAKAICHI! -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- has major Haru vibes. Obviously, he has the looks for it but it’s not just that. Takato is a professional and therefore pleasant to work with, nice to all his coworkers. However, in his personal life, he’s reserved and prefers to spend time alone, He’s not exactly the party animal superstar type and can get pretty annoyed when people try to intrude in his bubble. Considering the man is a veteran, I’m not sure you can really call him a prodigy anymore but he certainly is considered a very talented actor, it’s just difficult to stay relevant in show business.

Detective Haru: Houtarou Oreki

Oreki’s colours are a little off. I think he has dark brown hair rather than black and his eyes are green and not blue. He’s like an autumn Haru… But the rest applies pretty well. Oreki isn’t mean but he’s not exactly the friendly type either. In fact, unless you’re particularly sociable and immune to social cues or you’re his childhood friend, you probably won’t get very far with Oreki. Sound familiar? He is also downright amazing at solving mysteries. The man has some impressive deductive skills, now if only he could apply himself for like a day or two, he might end up accomplishing something really great!

Singing Haru: Tokiya Ichinose

It can be hard to tell in certain pictures but Tokiya does have blue eyes. Along with the black hair and pretty boy image. He’s an idol after all, of course, he’s going to be a pretty boy. But he’s a bit of an ice prince as well, preferring not to mingle too much with his fellow idols. He’s also the most popular and the one that has gotten to farthest in his career. It’s like the stuff comes naturally to him or something…

Tennis Haru: Maki Katsuragi

The more time passes, the more I want a second season of Stars Align. I understand it’s not going to happen but I still want it. And Maki is a great Tennis Haru. He’s not as withdrawn as most of my choices but the fact that he has to be blackmailed to be part of the team should tell you he’s not exactly the friendly try anything once type either. And he quickly becomes one of the best, despite being the newest member. So we got the skills and the personality. As far as the looks go, Stars Align isn’t exactly a pretty boy show but I think they’re cute and he does have the signature hair and eyes!

Running Haru: Kakeru Kurahara

You can blame this very silly post of Kakeru. I’m currently watching Run with the Wind (great show by the way) and I immediately thought, huh, this guy’s a Haru. He even has a Makoto in Haji. Although Haji is cooler. Sorry guys, I’m a Haji stan. Back to Kakeru. He is standoffish and not friendly at all for like half the show. He does warm up eventually but it takes a while. And despite being an outstanding runner, he has something holding him back. A certain moment in his past that is stopping him from really giving it his all. Nevertheless, he loves running and he’s very good at it. He’s like a Haru out of water. Except that sounds like he wouldn’t be good at running. This post is getting away from me…

There you have it. A whole bunch of Harus for any of you that are currently putting together a Haru harem or something. Haru Harem is fun to say! Do you have a “Haru” that I missed? Tell me about it? There can be girl Harus as well. I just didn’t want the post to get too long. I figure Reina from Sound Euphonium would be a perfect Trumpet Haru!

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  1. Takeru vs Haru…the similarities are too much to ignore! /jk

    I feel like visually, Oreki isn’t much of a Haru, in the same way Rin and Yato aren’t. That said, I never saw Maki as a Haru until now, either.

    1. Yeah, Oreki is a bit of a stretch. I think it’s the KyoAni look that made me equate the two more than I should

  2. I love this post! It wasn’t until you pointed it out that I actually realized how well these characters fit into the “Haru” character type! A really fun read. Thanks.

  3. Hmm…if it’s preferable to have blue eyes but the eyes don’t strictly have to be blue…I’ll submit Roy Mustang as Pyromaniac Haru. Pretty boy with dark hair and grey eyes, is a prodigy with fire alchemy but is held back by his natural way of dealing with problems, and can be exceedingly unfriendly.

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