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Haikyuu!!: To the Top ep2 – The Ball Boy

One random tidbit about me and Haikyuu is that throughout the seasons, it’s possibly the show that most consistently has my favourite OPs and EDs. I guess me and Yuki Hayashi have similar tastes. Also, if you have a second, go read his wiki page (it’s the link I included), how he got into music...


Princess Principal : Petticoats and Gunpowder

Genre : Action, political thriller, mystery, magical girl(?) Episodes: 12 Studio: Actas As someone who lives in a very cold country, I have a healthy appreciation for walls. They can be incredibly useful. Necessary even. But history has thought us that when they are used to tear families apart and segment off bits of the...


The Origins of Weeaboo

I’ve never had much first hand contact with the term “weeaboo”. I learned it from an anime loving friend who used it more like a term of endearment. Something like, let’s hang out this weekend and do some weeaboo stuff… except it was another word starting with “s”. Super sweet kid but a total potty...


What I Look For In a First Episode of Anime

It’s the start of the season and I’m watching a lot of brand new shows for the first time. This means that I’ve also been making decisions on which shows to keep watching and that has me reflecting on what exactly I look for in the first episode of a new series.


My Hero Academia s4 ep76 – The Impossible

  Hello everyone! Welcome back! I bought a Switch a few days ago and just started Fire Emblem last night. Needless to say I’m tired and eager to go back to it! So far it’s really fun. How are you Crow?   Wanting a Switch! I use a PC for gaming, and Fire Emblem isn’t...


Haikyuu!!: To the Top ep1 – A Fresh Start

This one is staying on this site! Starting next week, you will only see Haikyuu on Sundays as the other two series will be over on Karandi’s blog. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what she has in mind for the scheduling yet . On here I will be reviewing Somali on Saturdays and Haikyuu on...


The Case Files of Jeweller Richard ep1 – Irina is Boring

Have you guys ever read The Casual Vacancy. It’s a novel J,K, Rowling published after finishing the Harry Potter series. It’s a slightly sleepy suburban mystery which looks into the themes of class inequality, the prevalence and impact of the drug trade on  common individuals and other social issues without every taking to hard a...


Anime confessions

Are you a loyal anime fan? Do you stand by those shows which have brought you joy? Lately, I’ve read a few think pieces on how people’s preconceptions can colour our enjoyment of a show. How going into an anime with preconceived notions or expectations based on other people’s experiences, inevitably affects what we end...