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Top 5 Ways in Which Anime Opened My Mind

In some ways, you may not think of anime as the best place to look for diversity and open-mindedness. Whether justly or not, the community (at least in North America) has made an occasionally unpleasant reputation before itself. We hear how exclusive (as in the opposite of inclusive) and close-minded fans can be. Gatekeeping against...


What It Truly Takes To Be A Heroine

Genre: Isekai, coming of age, thriller, drama, comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, friendship, potty humour, wow Episodes: 7 Studio: Haoliners Animation League Have you ever fallen in love with a dream? Not in that way you perv! True love. The type that sneaks up on you. The type that can be difficult and frustrating. When that other...


Anime adaptations go both ways

We get so defensive. I’m sure it’s not just me. Oh you know what I’m talking about, the second we hear an anime is getting a western adaptation we immediately hate it with the burning passion of a thousand suns! And there may be some good reason behind that… Still, we could stand to be...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Kyo

Gaijin  and I are coming to the end of this series and our penultimate post features that feisty wildcat Kyo. This post was particularly challenging for me and I hope I don’t disappoint too much!


Top 5 Anime Foreigners

Over on Karandi s blog, I wrote a post about the general trends we see in the way foreign characters are portrayed in anime. And by foreign, I meant characters that are not Japanese but are in a Japanese setting. How outsiders are shown to interact with Japanese society and culture. It’s a subject I...


May 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it just me or does time seem to be moving exponentially faster lately? Where exactly did May go? Didn’t I just write a blog discovery post last week or something? Tell me guys are you enjoying these posts? Wow, this has really started like an interrogation, hasn’t it? I just can’t stop!!! Let’s take...


Hozuki’s Coolheadedness II – Hell is Other People

  Genre : Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural Episodes: 26 Studio:   If you think your job is tough, imagine having to make sure Hell runs smoothly. It’s not exactly a place full of the most dependable people, after all. Keeping everything smooth and on schedule is an impressive feat and you don’t have the courtesy...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Irina: Yuki Sohma — Trust The Gaijin

Hello, hope today is fabulous for you! Irina and I are back today to give you our next contender for GUESS THE ZODIAC FRUITS BASKET EDITION: PRINCE YUKI!!! I’m pretty stoked for this one. So without too much to say, let’s get rolling! Our beloved Yuki is actually a sign I didn’t see in him […]...