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Ageing Otakus

****Ed. I originally had envisioned this as a sort of comic “How to be an ageing Otaku guide” but it all came down to, do whatever you want, you’re an adult! Then I started singing “I threw it on the ground” on the bus and people looked at me weird. Point is, there’s no age...


Top 5 Anime I Want To Love

Have you ever had the crushing experience of really looking forward to a show. Maybe someone recommend it, it’s from a studio you love or it just sounds exactly like something you’d like. Maybe all three of these things. Just to have it disappoint you. You try to pretend to yourself it’s still great, after...


Gankutsuou – Klimt’s Dumas

  Genre : Drama, intrigue, science fiction, mecha, supernatural, hoyay Episodes: 24 Studio: Gonzo   Albert de Morcerf is an accomplished 15-year-old indeed. The son of a prominent military general with political aspiration, he has lived his entire life among Paris’ elite and is no set to have a comfortable future. Engaged to his childhood friend...