• Author : Yukinobu Tatsu
• Genre : Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural
• Length : 33 Chapters (Ongoing)

Ken Takakura, a boy who is an occult fanatic who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Momo Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens, encounter overwhelming strangeness that transcends their mutual understanding…! An occult coming-of-age story!


This is a hilarious and a weird manga.

This is the sentence i can conclude what the manga is. Literally because for now, the story is revolving around Ken’s ball(Literal balls) and the jokes so far has been some good ones. The timing is good and how the author changes the atmosphere suddenly is also quite good.

While the manga combines the weirdness of Horny Aliens and Some Freak Yokai and the Grandma who looks like a Model seriously spins the brain. While reading it, it seem like some parts of JJK and Chainsaw Man are incorporated which gives this manga a unique feel which can only be given from this manga.

The translation is also funny with some accent here and there which made it quite funny and interesting to read (Thats for me, it might be different for you).

All the time i was reading it i was curious as to what will happen because plot twist are quite serious in this and are well placed as well.

I can say that this has the potential to become a masterpiece because of its uniqueness and twist and turns in the plot which can revolve anywhere from Alien to Yokai and many more strange things can be added as per the requirement.

But this is seriously good for now and a highly recommendable work.

Thank You For Reading

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One thought

  1. I’ve been trying to catch up to the manga for a while now. Because it’s drawn by one of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s(Chainsaw Man, Look Back(which is a really good one shot- you should check it out if you haven’t), and Fire Punch) assistants- they did the background work .
    Plus…….. The premise just sounded HILARIOUS. Like; it was so ridiculous that it reminded me of “One Piece” in that anything and everything that is a thing can happen in this series- but it’s a little more…… “Mature,” I guess? I don’t want to say that ’cause One Piece can tackle some very serious themes from time to time. But….. You know what I mean.
    I like both main characters(wouldn’t hang out with them personally, but then I wouldn’t hang out with a lot of anime characters), and seeing Ayase’s Grandmother was……. WOW This series is really good! I’mma go read it some more!

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