If you want to know what happened in this weeks episode of Bungo Stary Dogs, you should go take a little look at Karandi’s blog, I’ll tell you all about it there! Here, we can look at pretty pictures! But I’d like to talk a bit about these pictures as well. Through all these gallery posts, I’ve picked up on a few visual trends this season.

Once again, the city was bathed in peachy pink light. They’ve been changing the hue around but the always keep it at some type of pink which is interesting. This mystic dusk illumination has replaced the purple orange sunsets since the start of the Cannibalism arc. I wonder if it’s significant.

This episode marked the return of lightly dutch angled shots of high rise buildings and the interesting character window framing device. Although they’ve traded to large wall-spanning windows for smaller paned ones with classical rounded frames. It’s still a great framing device but brings the scene in instead of expanding it out. Makes everything feel more homey and personal. Wow, I can really prattle on if I’m not careful, huh.. ok Here are the pictures!

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