I am so tired. Work has been insane lately and if I can get out under 11 hours I’m psyched! Also, I’ve been redoing one of my bathrooms so I live on a construction site which is never fun. Like right now I’m in my living room a few feet away from a toilet. That’s right next to my table. 

But you know, it’s going to be awesome once it’s done and as soon as I get a respite from work I’m going to take a staycation and just watch anime and maybe even drink a little. It’s gonna be bomb! How’s your week, Karandi?

My week has been utterly exhausting. Work really has been super crazy busy and most days I’m exhausted when I get home. However, we’ve got a couple of public holidays coming up so I will hopefully have some longer weekends to catch up on some stuff (like sleeping). 

Then again, I’m about to have to fly across the state for a conference and then back again next week so I’m thinking crazy busy is about my norm for the time being.

I have to admit, I’m not having as much fun with this season of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord as I thought I would have. It’s still early of course but something is just not jiving with me. I think it may be a bit too serious. This isn’t a show that’s really well suited for “serious”.

Even the fanservice is way more serious. It used to be really silly and woven into the humour of the show but now it’s much more straightforward and just not as fun. Maybe that’s just me though?

Yeah, season one was so over the top and zany that you couldn’t help but have fun and enjoy the antics but I was not expecting an entire orgy going on (incidentally, where did all those people go later in the scene – they just seemed to vanish). I think there’s still a chance for this season but honestly I think it is going to be a situation where the sequel just doesn’t capture the magic of the original. 

I’ll just hope it manages to at least be a story that seems like someone thought about it for more than a minute unlike where season two of The Promised Neverland took us.

I did like that lingerie girl was thicc with two c’s. It’s nice to see a wide body-type representation in this show. As long as they are attractive body types of course. Let’s not get crazy here.

Another issue I’m having at the moment is that they are setting up an actual big storyline where I think I have to be at least a bit emotionally invested with the new characters but I’m not really. I just haven’t gotten to know them at all. I hate to say it but I don’t really care that much what happens to Lunachia. I rather she didn’t die but you know… I’m not gonna lose sleep over it.

Same goes for that redhead lady. Sure I don’t want her to be a sex slave to a demon against her will but you know, these things happen and all. Man is this sentence ever going to come back and bite me some day…

I really do think they’ve rushed the set-up and you are right, they are asking us to be emotionally invested in characters that haven’t really earned it yet. They aren’t bad characters by any means but I barely know them and meanwhile Rem is also abducted this episode and barely gets an emotional beat (though I did like Shera’s new power-up curtesy of Clem, even if it terrified her).

Now I should say that I didn’t hate the episode or anything but I remember being genuinely amused in season one which hasn’t been the case this time around. 

From the OP which has a very fun song and super boring visuals, I think we’re going to have some sort of odd-couple dynamic between Diablo and red. That could be entertaining. And I’m actually pretty much up for anything as long as they don’t turn How Not to Summon a Demon Lord into some big serious show I have to think and care about deeply.

For me, the first season was just kind of stupid fun and the fantasy elements always sat better with me than the fan-service moments. Season two so far is really hitting hard with fan-service moments (and has a thing for the priest girl and tentacles) and while there’s some good set-up for a fantasy story we’re not really getting into it just yet. I’m not actually disliking this season so far but I’m also not really deeply invested in it just yet. Hopefully, it sells this new story to me soon but at the very least, I’m still enjoying Diablo’s character.

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