It was international women’s day on March 8 and in honour of the occasion the wonderful Annie created this tag. basically, it’s a chance for us all to take a minute and appreciate the marvellous women (real or fictional) in our lives.

As you know, I like to keep this blog firmly grounded in the imaginary so I will be sticking to the fantastic women and girls of anime. And we are certainly blessed with a lot of impressive options to choose from. This is going to be hard to narrow down. So without further ado:

here are the rules

  • Choose a female (real or fictional) for every prompt.
  • Tag at least one female blogger. (I’m sure I know a few guys with stuff to say about the ladies in anime 😉)
  • Pingback to Annie’s Powerful females’ tag.
  • Enjoy~

Name a woman known for her intelligence

Now Annie chose Haruhi from Ouran and that is certainly a great choice. It was in my top contenders as well. However at the end of the day, I’m going to go with one of my best girls The Mediator from Humanity has Declined.

I’m not sure how “well-known” this character is as I don’t hear enough being said about Humanity has Declined but I think she is well deserving of a spot given her sharp wit, amazing negotiation skills and unmatched ability for sarcasm. It might be too late for mankind but by golly, she will make the time that’s left the best it can possibly be!


Name a woman known for her physical strength

I was thinking of Saber at first but I’m not entirely sure Saber is a woman. I mean the whole king Arthur thing. I played Fate-Stay Night a long time ago and some of the routes are getting all mixed up. However, Saber is real cool!

Just to be on the safe side though, let’s go with Erza from Fairy Tail, who’s image instantly popped up in my head when I thought of primarily physical characters and Olivier Armstrong who should simply always be part of absolutely every list ever for… reasons! Olivier is hot. That’s the reason. Also strong!

Of course I’m going to chose a picture of Olivier

Name a woman who powered through difficult times

Oh man, that’s like every heroine ever. I mean it’s sort of a requirement for a main character in general to have some sort of tragic past. It’s going to be quite a challenge.

Ok, so the first one I thought of was Yona, as in of the Dawn. I mean her character has gone through some really horrible stuff and for a spoiled and sheltered princess, she bounced back very efficiently. Also, there’s a sort of purpose to her pain. It’s not used as a substitute to her personality or simply a plot device, the trauma is framed as formative and potentially even redeeming and I appreciate that.

By the way, second choice is every “dark” magical girl ever.

it’s o.k., you deserve a good cry

Name a woman who you want to be friends/roommates with

Tohru! Of course it’s Tohru. An adorable lady dragon maid who will clean and cook for me every day without complaint. Need I really say more? OK, I’ll say more. She also won’t judge my drinking and is capable of contributing to the finances because she comes from treasure! And her friends are super sarcastic otaku dragons?

I might have hyperventilated a little. I should stop this before make myself depressed because I don’t have Tohru as a roommate.

I wouldn’t mind…

Name a woman who you think is a good role model

Oh my, a good role model. I think I have to go with Touko Fujiwara. Touko is an example of grace, selflessness and love but she never sacrifices her sense of self in the process. It does help that she is a bit more mature than the rest of the ladies on this list and she actually has a very complete idea of who she is.

I actually have a few anime ladies that I admire but I couldn’t leave Touko out of the list. She is a wonderful woman who deserves some appreciation!

I love this image

Name a woman who deserves the spotlight

We all do, right? For our five minutes at least. That is if we want it. I am not a spotlight type of person! OK, so for an anime character that deserves the spotlight. So a lady that doesn’t get as much attention as she should. Hmmm.. there are a few and it sort of depends how you think about it.

There are a lot of main characters that are sort of ignored in their own stories so they would deserve more attention there but they have all the attention of the show and audience. I think I’ll go with characters that didn’t get much screen time but I would have liked to see more of. And in that case I will go with other Touko. Touko Aozaki from Garden of Sinners.

I understand that Touko is a main and very present character in the visual novels but I have only watched the movies and I kept wanting to see more of her. I hope they make a Touko in her youth movie some day. There’s a game in which she’s the bad guy, they could adapt that one…

I would watch it, a lot!

Well, here are my picks. And I feel a little bad because I know I left out so many amazing anime ladies but we can’t be here all day!

Powerful Blogerettes

I was trying to find a silly term for women bloggers. Not that we need one but just for fun. Bolgessess, Bloguettes, Blogistas, Blogaritas?

Well in any case, here are a couple of fine blogger ladies that should feel free to do this tag whenever they feel like it. and if you happen to want to appreciate the fine women in your life also, please don’t hesitate to do it as well. Tags are just a formality anyways

  • The one and only Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner) who always makes our little anime blogging world welcoming and bright!
  • The amazing Moya (The Moyatorium) who always makes me think and dream and has somehow made a show I think is great, even more fun to watch!

I hope I’m not imposing on you ladies!

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  1. Darn it Senpai, you beat me to Tohru, now I have to go with Rem and she is straight! …There go my chances of shacking up with my roommate!

    Guess I have to come over and hook up with yours!

  2. Yes to more Touko love!! And now you make me sad that I don’t have Tohru as a roommate either…

    A pleasure to be nominated; I’ll try to get to this one!

  3. “Alice chose Haruhi from Ouran” wait, there’s someone named Alice on my blog? 😆

    Great picks. Though I thought the Tohru you mentioned was from Fruits Basket at first haha

    1. Fixed. Honda is very sweet but I don’t think I could deal with that energy on a daily basis

  4. Great picks. I notice you picked two women named Touko back to back, and there so very different. Heh. Both great assets to the show they appear in (and in some sense, both caretakers?).

    I’m not sure I’d have thought of Yona, but she’s such a perfect fit for the category that it’s now impossible for me to think of anyone else.

    Great list.

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