This season’s Given has allowed me to create some of my favourite gifs. It’s actually a lot more than a nifty gif  source. In fact, Karandi and I are really getting into it.Who are we kidding? We’ve been into it for a while! And we talk about episode 7 over on 100 Word Anime.

Maybe I should rename my blog 100 pic anime and just make it a companion. These posts are really fun to put together!

The precredit’s tag was pretty short. Just a few images of Kaji’s past. As you can see, the light is bleaker than we usually get in Given. Keep that in mind, I have a conspiracy theory to share later on.

Ahhh boys, they can be so childish. And when they are, it shows in their faces! Wasn’t great seeing hyper stoic Kaji visibly react to something. A rare sight.

Although these scenes, especially in the studio, are warmer than the opening tag, they still remain more neutral in tone rather than the usual warmth we get. There’s this feeling of a slowdown. Maybe even a calm before the storm. You still have some yellow light invading the scenes making everything look a little happier but it’s subdues. The shadows are sharper than before as well.

Visually, everything is pointing to the fact that something is going to happen, but not yet. we are gearing up.

The first stairwell scene and Mafuyu is all alone. He’s also in the centre of the stairs rather than off to the side, so he’s not really waiting for someone. Mafuyu has some things he needs to work out on his own.

I didn’t quite see it in the episode. When Mayu was looking through the window. He didn’t react much and his tone was the same as always. He also quickly started thinking about music again so I figured he hadn’t really noticed Ueno yet. Made sense, the boy’s been through a rough experience. His mind is not on these things. But in the stills, his expression looks definitely a little miffed.

I do like how close he’s gotten to the other guys in Ueno’s class. They seem like real friends.

The studio scenes remain the warmest and most comforting visually. It does help that Mayu fell asleep and the two boys were sitting in relaxed and cozy poses. But the show has also gone out of it’s way to visually establish the studio as a safe space. For now…

I’m not crazy about the new image layout WordPress has. This is why you’re getting this weird arrangement.

We don’t know much about Murata yet. The little we did see of him, he seems like a kind if emotional boy, who treats others well. But that house…

We see Kaji’s place again and it is freezing cold. It’s steel grey and blue. The light always looks a little dim even in the middle of the day. Look at the difference in Kaji’s hair from the first screencap in the studio to the before last one at his place. These scenes contrast wildly with the rest of the show. And this is important because this week we found out that this was Murata’s house. Kaji is just crashing there.

Paired with the black hair and grey eyes. This guy is so monotone. Even their old school uniform lacked all colour. Based on visuals alone, I would say this kid is very bad news.

And about that old school uniform, ok, clunky transition… Isn’t it a nice touch that Kaji has no piercings in his flashback. If they want to be really next level, they will gradually add them in as we get more flashbacks (if we got more).

Second stairwell scene and oh my but do these boys look troubled. Mayu’s lost and and exhausted, Ueno is restless and jittery. Things are not going well. Yet the interactions and dialogue are all pretty calm and normal. It’s all in the body language. Impressive.

I really like how many different hairstyles Haruki has. And it changes his appearance a lot!

Also, it seems we are back to the green light in this final scene. The is the second time in the series that this particular scheme has been used and both times it was to mark and emotionally difficult moment for the characters.

That preview for the next episode is super ominous….

Given ep7-3 (5)

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