Don’t worry, the webtoon recommendations aren’t gone! It’s just that I got tagged in this cute A Christmas Activity With Anime Characters post and I wanted to get my response out as soon as possible so that some other people may get a chance to play along before the 25th!

Annie from evening tea musings, came up with this adorable sweet tag. Just a fun little way to get us all in the Christmas spirit and I really love this idea.

Since it might be a little harder to celebrate with friends and family this year, why not do something imaginary with some of your favourite anime characters! You should go read the original post here, it made me smile!

I absolutely love Christmas but there really isn’t much of a Christmas tradition in my family. I might have to look up a few Christmas activities for this post. We did start doing the whole gift thing when we moved here though! I’m the only one who wraps them. Which brings me to my first pick:

Wrapping Presents with Death the Kid

Kid is a pretty chill guy most of the time. I think we would get along well enough. But if he were to help me with the wrapping, those presents would turn out perfect. Not a crumpled bow or bumpy edge in sight!

I do like gingerbread well enough but I don’t think I could eat an entire house of it. Besides I don,t have the patience to put one of these things together. However, Japan does have a delicious tradition of Christmas cakes. And I know I can make one of those!

Baking a Christmas Cake with Break

Why would I want to do that? Well nobody really talks about Pandora Hearts and I wanted to remind people it exists! I don’t know that Xerxes Break can bake. I sort of doubt it. But that doesn’t matter. Because I can and I enjoy it. What Break has going for him is a huge sweet tooth so even if my cake doesn’t come out perfect, he’ll eat it with so much appetite that I’ll think it’s perfect!.

Oh I really like decorating Christmas trees.

Decorating a Christmas Tree with Nausicaä

I think Nausicaä needs to really deepen her relationship with trees. I completely understand why she has a few doubts about the whole becoming one with nature deal but she is open-minded and I think she shows goodwill. The first step to no fearing trees anymore, make them all sparkly!!!!

Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire with Todoroki

I think this one is largely self-explanatory!

Naturally, we’re going to need some drinks to go with all these festivities. Now I’m not a huge fan of Egg Nog. To be honest, I’ve only had it once but I didn’t really like it so instead,

Let’s Mix Up some Hot Totties with Hitomi

It’s perfect. Cause Christmas is also for kids! Hitomi is really just awesome at everything she does. I think I could probably leave all the mixing part to her without a worry and just concentrate on the tasting part!

Finally, once it’s all said and done, I think I would like to:

Clean up with Tohru

Look, every great celebration needs to end at some point. And now we have to put away the decorations and throw out the used wrapping. Make everything nice and clean for January so that we can truly enjoy all our new toys.

And if I’m stuck cleaning, I’m going to want a maid. And if I’m stuck with a maid, I want her to be both cute and also a dragon! Once again, I feel like this is all pretty self-explanatory!

Spread the Holiday Cheer with My Fellow Bloggers.

This was a nice and easy post that really did make me look forward to the 24th just a tiny bit more! I think you guys should try it too:

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  1. Aww thank you for the nomination! I will try to make this my post for tomorrow! So my afternoon blog will be a bit later! I saw the tag and thought it was adorable so I am really happy you picked me! Thanks Blogging Bestie!

    Great answers as well! I will have to think of a few clever answers myself! Let’s see if I can do it tommorow! But hey this is a reason to get out of bed earlier so you made me a happy Pinkie! Thanks ! and like always , great job!

  2. Wow. Just thinking about wrapping presents with Death the Kid exhausts me. But the presents would look really, really good — if I survived the process!

    Thanks for the tag! You’ve set quite a high bar with your answers. I’ll need to give this some thought…

    1. I think The Kid and I would get along on that point….we wouldn’t finish wrapping until late August…if ever.
      I look forward to your post!

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