Have you guys noticed that Steins:Gate breaks down into mini thematic arcs through episode titles. Right now we’re in the middle of a renaissance.

“Renaissance are usually considered to include intensified classical scholarship, scientific and geographical discovery, a sense of individual human potentialities, and the assertion of the active and secular over the religious and contemplative life

Well doesn’t that sound promising!

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thank you Maho, people are usually so negative…

Of course things weren’t going to be that easy. Kyouma isn’t just going to show up and magically solve everything. In fact, Kyouma isn’t really back, not yet, probably not ever. This time around, Okabe has Maho and Daru to confide in through his leaping and failing. This expanded support system is really doing wonders for him. But still, the kids been through a lot, you know. It’s going to leave some scars.

Rather than using Kyouma as a shield to hide from his insecurities and doubt, this time, Okabe is using Kyouma as a crutch. A happy place to retreat into when reality seems like a bit more than he can handle. He can’t quite keep up the pretence, but he’s giving it the good old college try. He spouts his silly conspiracy theories more as a mantra to calm himself than anything else really. And this time, it isn’t about saving the girl, it’s about preventing WWIII.

Don’t get me wrong, Mayushii’s well being is still primordial but it’s the most important part of the package, rather than the whole deal. It’s more a “Save the best girl, save the world” situation.

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best scene!!!

sidenote – the off camera shoe slaps followed by visibly bruised and demurred Okabe and Daru, was fantastic! Also D-rine…really!?!

Daru, Maho, Okabe and Kyouma really gave it their all. They’re working so hard. Amadeus is helping too. But this is doozy and the only solution seems unconceivable. Okabe is feeling the walls close in. Is he really going to have to make the hardest choice of his life again. C’mon that’s not fair. Not on him and not on me! I just got use to this new reality, don’t shatter it now.

Screw it, Okabe and I, need a walk.

Before this questionable renaissance, the episode arc was Altair. 4 episodes in a row started their titles that way.

Altair is brightest star in the constellation of Aquila. It also represents the unfortunate lover Hikoboshi in the myth celebrated by the festival of Tanabata. If you remember, I already mentioned how the story of Tanabata and Steins;Gate 0 seemed so intimately linked. During this quiet summer night, as Okabe and I stepped out from some fresh air, trying to delay the heartbreaking unavoidability ahead, Altair shone bright in the sky. But although dim, Vega was there too.

I love the way these tiny threads weave together.

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Okabe and I were wallowing a bit. And just like last time we took to the streets in self pity, we were dragged back to our sense by a certain redheaded genius girl. But this time, it was just her virtual avatar. And so we strolled around the quiet dark streets. Breathing in the serenity of it all. Making small talk. Pretending to revisit our own neighbourhood. Amadeus was wonderful. The air was thing with nostalgia. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had done this before.

Because I had, in episode 3. The very first time the Amadeus App was installed on Okabe’s phone, we went around Akihabara together. A secret date. As I stood quietly next to Okabe and Amadeus, I thought back on that first time. It feels like forever ago. I my world almost 5 months have passed. In Okabe’s several life times, a few double crosses and three impossibilities. It’s been a wild ride, some parts where even a little fun.

Amadeus did great, she really told us what we wanted to hear. She even fooled me for a second. I actually wrote in my notes ” a quiet walk with Kurisu reminds me of the beginning of the season…” When I realized what I had just done, I went back and scratched out Kurisu to write in Amadeus. This is the very first time I make that mistake in my notes. And it was so close…but still this isn’t my Kurisu.

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aww Kuri…wait no….

Yes Amadeus told us what we wanted to hear, but Kurisu would have told us what we needed to hear. Amadeus is still too soft and too…average. And in those final scenes, a bit too sappy for my tastes, and I love sap. We put it on our pancakes here…

Still the thought of loosing Amadeus makes me a little sad. Not that I believe for one second this won,t end super happy. It has to…right?

Anyone else wondering what ever happened to that second reading steiner. Seems like a super important plot point to just drop. In fact, it could become a plot hole if the story isn’t careful…

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