Rini 3 (7)

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about this one. I have very mixed feelings about this episode. Not very strong feelings mind you. I started out not liking it. I know the fans of this series are pretty protective and I’m bound to get a comment or two. That’s fine, it’s all good to stand up for your favourite show. But tears and shouting have never really been my thing and there was quite a bit of both in this episode.

But even though there are a lot of elements I simply didn’t like at all, I sort of ended up interested in what the episode implied. And to me, that’s always going to be a plus. I am looking forward to Subaru taking a step forward. With two episodes left in the season, I wonder if he’s just going to get stuck in this present loop until the next one. At least, it’s already scheduled so he won’t be in limbo for years to come. 

What do you think Crow, would you like to see him break out of this particular reset before the end of the season or are you good with waiting till next summer?



This episode was tough. I’m so invested in these characters that I was exhausted by the end. More than a little freaked out, too. I like how you said that you’re interested in the implications. Despite the powerful, over the top emotional moments, the episode had a lot of subtle gestures, and I’m looking forward to talking about those!

To answer your question directly: I’d like to be done with the bunnies. I would like to see the next set of time lines. On the other hand, where does it go from here? How much more brutal can it get? It’s a bit sobering to think about!

I’m in plain text.

Spoilers start now and I will spoil everything. I’m not kidding! You have been warned.

There’s a lot to spoil, too! She’s not kidding when she says you’ve been warned.

So this week Subaru visited Beatrice and they had a spat then Knifey came and killed people cruelly. Subaru fails to save anyone at the mansion. He goes back to the village where Emilia falls apart, a couple more main characters get axed, and Roswaal is an aloof jerk but more jerky than usual. Then rabbits. If it sounds familiar it’s because we’ve seen almost this exact episode before only I liked it better last time around.

I think you forgot to mention that Roswaal wasn’t only more jerky, he got stabby, too.

Don’t get me wrong, the conceit of the series is that events happen over and over again. We are going to see things getting repeated, that’s fine. It’s even a device I enjoy. Usually. But instead of dropping a few extra hints around things week to build on the story, I felt like they made the characters act in an exaggerated way without any real catalyst or motivation in order to advance the plot. This may be due to the aforementioned only 2 episodes left. It just felt like the characters weren’t quite consistent and I kept wondering why they were acting this way.

Starting with Beatrice. Now, I love Beatrice, but not so much melodramatic Beatrice. She lost her best girl spot in my heart and now Ram reigns. But why is Beatrice breaking down now? Why does she suddenly want Subaru to think only of her? Did the writers want us to remember this is a harem show? From Bea’s perspective, this is no different than any other time Subaru visited her this season. Also, you can stab spirits? Really? For some reason that just seems lazy to me. They should at least have to perform some ancient ritual and gather up a bunch of obscure and extremely rare random items. 

I’m prepared to give Beatrice a pass. At least a partial past. I can see a spirit wearing down after 400 years and longing for release, whatever form that release would take. Emotionally, I reacted to her asking Subaru to “Put me first! Think of me first! Choose me first!” But since I didn’t know why she now felt romantically inclined towards Subaru, and because I didn’t see any hints, it didn’t resonate as strongly as her asking, “Why did you leave me alone for 400 years?” That’s a completely rational question for a spirit who’s been waiting for, well 400 years!

Agreed but why not last time Subaru did this? For Beatrice it’s the same thing. She hasn’t had extra time pass. But she was her usual self. It’s just such a drastic change.

I’m not sure if the little blue hair witch (Maylie Portroute) was a reveal. They made it very obvious the first time we saw her that she was evil but, to be honest, I had forgotten about her until we saw her again. It’s cool they tied up that string.

I want to call out the anime blogging site DOUBLESAMA. In their review of episode 31, they called it! I’d forgotten, to be honest.

With the last of her strength (maybe?), Beatrice teleports Subaru back to the dungeon where Garfiel had held him for some reason and he stumbles to the temple in ominous snow! 

Am I the only one who was convinced that it was Satella and not Emilia in that temple? She was even using the same vocal tick, repeating words and using forever statements, desperately clinging to Subaru. I really thought Satella had wiped out the village in his absence and was just waiting for him to return. I’m still not convinced that was Emilia, to tell the truth. But either way, it adds a bit more weight to my Satella = Emilia theory.

I have two competing theories on this. The one I think is most likely is just as you said — either Satella is Emilia, or she’s possessing her. I saw the same evidence you did!

But there was one shot of Emilia’s smile (around 13:12) that looked just like Echidna. The mannerisms were a lot closer to Satella, but what if — and I don’t think it’s likely — but what if the trials are designed to find a new host body for Echidna? Sort of Ryuuzu’s replacement? 

Emilia’s eyes, though… dang…

Subaru was not as suspicious as I am and he did think that was Emilia. I wonder why. I don’t think she has even broken down in that way in the past. Subaru does know her much better than I do, though. So maybe it was Emilia. But even Subaru agreed that she wasn’t acting like herself and that she’s been pushed to that state. 

Did you catch what he said when one-eyed Subaru (this poor guy!) staggered out and announced to Garfiel that Emilia had confessed her love to him? “There’s no way Emilia would say she loves me! Like there’s any chance she ever say that.” He knew it wasn’t her.

So we have a lot of questions and everything is going wrong. There’s really only one thing to do in times like these, go see Roswaal. 

Now, I’ve made no secret that Roswaal is best boy as far as I’m concerned. I tend to enjoy magnificent bastard types. He’s a calm, cool and collected character that doesn’t scream or get super emotional and always seems to be hiding something so you never know where he stands.  But he is good to the people who are loyal to him, and although his methods are debatable, he has generally seemed to act in a way that was helpful to both Subaru and Emilia. So you always like him just a bit even though you want to punch him. It’s a balancing act. So whattup?

Yes, Roswaal seems to be behind a lot of the happenings in the village and he is pushing Emilia to the brink, but why? And why in this obvious way? He certainly must have his reasons. I’m not crazy about the turn of events but I was kind of o.k. accepting that he is the one and direct cause for all of the current suffering. We will probably get a reason sooner or later.

But murdering Ram just to get to Garfiel when he didn’t need to kill either of them, at all? He could have just asked them to leave the room. Revealing that he also knows Subaru’s secret, something that should have been way more important but got a bit lost in the moment since he then went on the physical attack and kick Subaru while he was down, and then just pleasantly finished up the conversation and committed suicide by rabbit. Why? 

It just felt inconsistent. Especially as the events get wiped and all we really needed was to find out that Roswaal was the mastermind (we should have known) and that he always knew about Subaru… Just like Echidna… And this village that is under her barrier is his. These two seem pretty connected. 

His explanation for killing Ram was that in his weakened state, it’s the only way he could think of killing Garfiel. But then we’re left with your question of why he didn’t just ask them to step away. 

To me, Roswaal kicking the daylights out of Subaru didn’t make sense. What did it accomplish? Do the bunnies not like bruised flesh as much? 

It was pretty interesting learning that Roswaal knew that Subaru has some kind of reset power. Did you get the sense that Roswaal knew all about it? I’m not sure — but he at least understands the outline. 

For all of this tough, I liked the core of the story. Basically, I liked what reZero was telling us this week, just not the way it was telling it. I liked that Beatrice is not invincible but that we also probably don’t know what she is truly capable of. Since apparently she’s been in a deep depression all this time…  I like that the witches that attack the mansion are part of a large-scale coup and I’m curious who’s behind it. I like that Garfiel truly does like Ram. And I really want to know what Roswaal is trying to accomplish here. He wants Emilia to rule, so why try to break her now? I just wish we got all that in a less dramatic way, is all. 

I can’t fault where you’re coming from. I have questions, and maybe it’s a sign of how much I’ve come to trust Re:ZERO’s writers that I’m willing to wait to see if they get answered. Roswaal kicking Subaru when he was (literally) down still has me scratching my head.

The end though. Those last few scenes changed everything. 

By the way. Have you ever watched a movie called Primer? It’s a time travel movie with a bit of a twist that gets very grim when you think about it. Roswaal’s parting line was, You might be able to start over again but I can’t. I will die today and the Roswaal that you meet will be a different person.  I’m paraphrasing but that was the idea — that Subaru is the only constant. But it also implies something else. It means that all those gruesome deaths of Rem and Ram and everyone else, they actually happened. They were never undone. Subaru didn’t go back to the past and make it so that they never took place. This isn’t a linear timeline or a branching line story. What Roswaal is saying is that it’s a multiverse story. Subaru is travelling between different parallel timelines not resetting the one he is already on. As such every time he fails, it’s irreversible for everyone but him. Making re:Zero one of the bloodiest horror anime I have ever watched and maybe something I should review for Halloween?

In a way, this actually smoothly explains my character consistency issues. Maybe this Beatrice has always been prone to tears, it’s just the first time we see her. And that applies to every other character as well. 

I’m not a quantum physicist, but what little I’ve studied to prepare for my writing suggests each quantum “decision point” generates a new universe. So there’s plenty of precedent in a science fiction sense. My hope is that Roswaal was speaking philosophically in that the experiences that made him who he was at the time of death in the “present” would be missing from the Roswaal in Subaru’s restart timeline. From our perspective, he’d be the same character.

Because the thought of all those deaths is really heavy.

Oh and just to throw that in there, that last scene with Emilia was shattering. Even without the horrible realization I had, that scene alone was unsettling enough to push the genre. 

Did I interpret it right? Was Subuaru’s body more or less torn to shreds, and did she lean over to kiss him on the ripped up lips after he died?

This is about as dark as I’ve seen the show go. You asked before if I was ready for a new time-line. I’m ready for Subaru to start having some wins. See Ram die in this episode took a lot out of me!

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  1. I’ll be honest , I just want him to do the trial lol but that aside , I did like the ending , it was very creepy and I love the wierd discordant music , and filter they used . It was like an old 80’s horror movie aesthetic near the end .

  2. Do you remember the movie? Emilia was traumatized by a past she could not remember. Her entire people were gone or destroyed. The local humans hated and feared the White Witch for what she’d done and identified Emilia as the culprit.

    Do you remember the spirit who came to destroy Emilia for her sins? Puck did not assert the sins were never committed. The way he presented things could simply be interpreted as ***Emilia wasn’t that person anymore.*** And that he would keep her in line so as not to destroy the world.

    Puck was also warned of unspecified future dire consequences to him from stepping out from the role of watcher to advocate. I don’t remember the exact phraseology used but it sounded to me like he might be taken away from her at some critical point. That echoed in my head when Pick stopped showing up for Emilia. I may be wrong but he may be experiencing consequences.

    The movie also showed that Emilia was capable of almost unfathomable levels of magical power even without going yandere death witch.

    Subaru and Echidna and Satella are not the only people in the world who know Subaru has Return by Death. It was obvious that Roswaal knew from several episodes ago. He’s counting on it. I think Beatrice has a hint of it too. Subie is supposed to “ask her the question” but I’ve forgotten what it was. I think he has too because he’d had chances but never got around to something that seemed really important at the time.

    He’s also utterly ruthless in pursuit of that goal. He wants Emilia to pass the test. (Or should I say **an** Emilia?) Nothing else matters. Even if that means killing himself, her and Subaru and everyone else concerned over and over again. And completely dedicated. He’ll willingly walk thru Hell over and over again to do it. But there are cards he is not playing. If Subaru knew what his ultimate goal was he would obstruct it, else there is no point in not coming clean and giving him all the knowledge he needs.

    His comment was for Subaru to “keep his eyes on the prize.” Well, Emilia is the prize. The others back at the mansion are important to Subaru but not to the Roswaal’s scheme. I would not put it beyond him to be the one who hired the assassins, especially since they seemed to adapt to Subaru’s actions. They always get there either just before or soon after his arrival whether he waits days or rides there immediately.

    Methinks the assassins are waiting nearby. Roswaal is somehow telling them he’s on his way and even getting there as fast as he can only gains him a few extra minutes before Knifey shows up and resets him. Stupidly Subie never does any recon of the area, never varies his approach to the mansion, and has yet to show any urgency at all once he gets there. But even if he gets them out alive, it may not matter if Emilia turns into Satella permanently.

    Roswaal also calls the bunnies as a way to completely reset everything. I think it somehow makes a difference whether or not you he dies before Subaru resets or after. That’s idle speculation on my part. I don’t have any support for it except Roswaal saying he’d die and come back a different Roswaal with the same goal. That might not happen if he didn’t die before the reset. Otherwise just kill the twerp and get on with it. No need to be eaten by bunnies.

    Killing everyone may be a roundabout way of telling Subie it is useless to go to the mansion. “Keep your eyes on the prize.” For some reason, he needs to figure this out for himself cuz Roswaal ain’t forthcoming. The “eyes on the prize” was the first real clue he’s offered. Subaru was just too dense and emotionally involved to give up on it. Maybe now he’ll figure something out and do something different. I think getting Emilia through the test without turning into Satella (Maybe he can go with her somehow?) is how to save everyone.

    1. “If Subaru knew what his ultimate goal was he would obstruct it, else there is no point in not coming clean and giving him all the knowledge he needs.”

      That’s a good point. Either that, or Roswaal is unsure whether Subaru would block it. A minor point, but with this show, I never know what detail is the critical one!

      “I would not put it beyond him to be the one who hired the assassins, especially since they seemed to adapt to Subaru’s actions.”

      I’ve wondered about it, but I don’t see how that could help Roswaal or Emilia. That’s not an argument against your point, because without knowing what Roswaal really wants, it’s hard to say what would help him get it.

      ” I think it somehow makes a difference whether or not you he dies before Subaru resets or after.”

      That’s a really interesting thought.

      I just spent a couple of hours working on a novel. I’m trying to get macro plot points to interconnect and not block or contradict each other. I can’t fathom the level of detail that Re:ZERO’s plot is showing. It’s standing up to some powerfully detailed analysis. Not only that, it’s entertaining!

      “I think getting Emilia through the test without turning into Satella (Maybe he can go with her somehow?) is how to save everyone.”

      That would make a lot of pieces fit together, woudln’t it?

  3. Irina, while I had problems with this episode, what irked me was not the same as what irked you. My main problem with this episode was the animation quality and that Subaru came to the conclusion that Roswaal was the one behind the snow without going into Subaru’s thought process. I’ll do my best to give you what I believe to be plausible explanation of why I didn’t have a problem with some of the scenes you found bothersome.

    Anyway, Irina, as far as I could tell, Beatrice knows that Subaru would never put her first as we’ve seen in the past that she knows he puts Emilia first, which is exactly why she asked Subaru to do so because she doesn’t think Subaru could be that person because of how he was acting. This was likely brought out in part by Subaru screaming at her that he wouldn’t let her joke about dying. He said that she could do it to other people, but to do it to him is unacceptable, which shows that Subaru is thinking selfishly and not about what Beatrice wanted at all when all she said was that she wanted him to end her contract to the library, to which Subaru said that’s no different from dying for some strange reason. I believe Beatrice is acting the way she is because of Subaru’s irrational behaviour. Beatrice probably just wants attention, affection, and to have fun like other little girls, and to have Subaru saying that wanting to end her contract as the library’s caretaker is no different than dying shows that Subaru cannot give her a happy life. I do not think Beatrice thinks of Subaru as a romantic partner. She just wants a companion that can bring joy to her life. You say that you’re not used to Beatrice crying, but remember the last time Subaru made it to Beatrice in a previous loop, Beatrice was crying because Subaru was screaming at her like he did this time? Beatrice was also close to crying as Subaru noted after Subaru told her he killed Beatrice, and she said she is not a tool here for Subaru’s convenience.

    I also do not believe that Emilia was possessed by Satella even in spite of the weird animation effect in her eyes. Like Ohm said, Emilia used “daisuki” instead of “aishiteru”, the stronger word that Satella uses. I have an idea about why Emilia went insane all in the span of 1 day. Emilia indicated in episode 3 of this season (28) that she felt anxious ever since they entered the Sanctuary’s barrier and that she was unable to relax, prompting her to ask Roswaal what exactly is the Sanctuary. She was going to say it feels like a graveyard, but Roswaal interjected and called it the Witch’s Graveyard, so this suggests that Emilia is acutely sensitive to death. This is not the first instance of her being sensitive to death though. In episode 23 of Season 1, Emilia sensed Subaru’s death when Julius killed him. I didn’t make this connection until I thought long and hard about how Emilia could have gone insane so quickly. If this is the case, then the anxiety from being in the Sanctuary which doubles as a place of death, the isolation Emilia felt with Puck being gone and Roswaal’s deliberately breaking her by turning everyone against her by making it snow, her perceived abandonment by Subaru, and her undergoing the trial again, which is a major source of trauma for her, (She probably did because ever since Subaru got teleported back, all she has been doing is staying on the trial grounds) all contributed to Emilia going insane. Also of note in episode 3 (28) is that when the village chief pressed Emilia on why she bowed her head to the villagers, Emilia looked to Subaru for support, and Subaru nodded, giving her the go-ahead to state her reason. Emilia was already turning to Subaru for support in Puck’s absence.

    I can think of one plausible explanation for why Roswaal would try to break Emilia in Subaru’s absence. Roswaal likely knows from his copy of the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom how to solve this arc, and that would be to have Emilia complete the trials with someone who can give her the emotional support she needs to overcome that hurdle. That’s why Roswaal explained in this episode that if he isolated Emilia, leading her to lean on Subaru, Subaru would have no choice to but to focus on Emilia. I infer that Roswaal basically indicated that his intent was to get Subaru to focus on Emilia in the next loop since this loop was already a failure.

    If you recall from episode 31, Roswaal indicated that there are Gospels, two copies of an unnamed text that are the closest things to the Tome of Wisdom I individually call the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom, and the Tome of Wisdom itself. Given Roswaal and Beatrice’s connections to Echidna and Echidna transforming Petra’s handkerchief into a spirit blade, indicating Echidna knew Subaru would need that blade to kill himself, these things suggest that Echidna has the Tome of Wisdom given that she can see the future.

    I think Echidna hinted to Subaru how to properly do everything right this arc in episode 9 (34). She said she has no hope of getting Emilia to break her out of her shell, but maybe Subaru could do it since he’s intent on doing everything over and over again.

    “Even in three days of trial and error, I can’t hold out any hope that she’ll break out of her shell. Or perhaps… you can do it? Since you’ve made up your mind to keep repeating everything, could you give wings to the cowardly princess?”

    Echidna implies here that she might have tried to change Emilia’s trial up (3 loops ago in which Emilia went through the trial 4 times), and suggested that maybe Subaru could get Emilia to break out of her shell, doing what Echidna herself couldn’t do, but Subaru mistakenly believes that “Or perhaps… you can do it?” meant that he should definitely undergo the trial himself in Emilia’s place because that’s how his mindset always has been for a while, and he has tunnel vision.

    If Echidna indeed has the Tome of Wisdom, she definitely knows how to get Subaru to succeed, and that is for Subaru to give Emilia the boost she needs to complete the trials.

    I also think Ohm is right that Garfiel was not going to accept being kept in the dark just because Roswaal asked him to leave the room since he considers himself the protector of the Sanctuary, so that’s why Roswaal had to find a dirty way to take Garfiel out of commission. It’s also likely that Roswaal knew the Great Rabbit would arrive soon, so that’s why he was intent on killing both Ram and Garfiel so that he could find the time to talk to Subaru, What I’m confused is about why Roswaal said that he offers this soul to Garfiel. Was Roswaal offering Ram’s soul to Garfiel because Garfiel likes her, and it’s Roswaal giving Garfiel a consolation prize in exchange for killing him?

    I believe the reason Roswaal makes it snow is to punish Subaru for leaving without providing Emilia the emotional support she needs to pass the trials by having everyone be eaten by the Great Rabbit. I suspect if Subaru doesn’t leave the Sanctuary early, Subaru won’t have to deal with the Great Rabbit, and that’d be one threat out of the way. The only question if this is the case would be whether Emilia can complete the three trials fast enough so that there’d still be time for them to get back to the mansion before Elsa makes her move.

  4. First, melodramatic Re:Zero is very melodramatic. Nothing new here. Taking that into account, I think Beatrice is reacting to how Subaru acts. And I can totally believe that Emilia would fall apart. Think about it: She has to face her traumatic past in a trial. Puck is gone and doesn’t tell her why. And now Subaru has abandoned her, too, and it appears Roswaal is pushing her to the brink. I do think that’s Emilia. Notice, though, that Roswaal didn’t seem to know anything about Subaru’s missing letter. (Would be fun, it if it was just the wind blowing it away, but I don’t think Re:Zero is the type of show to include such coincidences. So there’s still someone else around.)

    I didn’t take Roswaal as saying anything about the nature of time. Anime is full of people treating discontinuous versions of themselves as different people. Apologising to your future self, for example, is common. I think he’s just talking about motivation: he’ll never see the fruits of his labour, so he’s either an idealist, or in league with someone who does (most likely Echidna). Maybe he needs to turn Emilia into Satella so she can kill Echidna so he can have his current position as caretaker over the grave yard? That’d be rather interesting. Think about it: if Emilia and Satella are one and the same, and Subaru prevents her from turning into Satella, then she can never summon him…

    And Roswaal didn’t seem to surprised to see the bunnies. Not sure if he knew, or if he just expected some sort of desaster (“so this is how it ends”). I don’t remember the episode to well. But if he knew that the snow would attract the bunnies, killing Ram would have been a kindness. Also, I’m not sure if Roswaal knows that Subaru has to die to come back. He didn’t seem to want to kill him (“Will you kill me now?” – Beats him up instead. — That makes more sense if he doesn’t know that Subaru has to die, especially since he seems to feed the bunnies on himself so that Subaru can escape.)

    I wonder how detailed the book is. It can’t list everything, or it would have to have more volumes than the Oxford English Dictionary.

  5. I think the reason why Subaru thinks its Emilia is because Emilia and Satella act differently towards Subaru. For starters, when Satella showed herself, she was surrounded by shadows while the only notable physical change is her glazed eyes. Next, The whole time Satella was there, she typically only muttered in mad mantras, “I love you” and “Love me”. Then, she also noticed and gasped when Subaru died, even crying for him. Lastly, her “I love you”s were pronounced as aishiteru. Emilia, however, spoke clearly (albeit with a slightly unhinged tone) and normally(somewhat). Then, when Subaru was bleeding to death, Emilia didn’t even notice and simply asked if he was tired. Finally, her “I love you”s were pronounced differently as daisuke. Btw, the difference between the 2 is that aishiteru is an “I love you” reserved for married couples. It is one of those statements that aren’t used casually. Its a serious declaration. Daisuke on the other hand, is a slightly lesser version of aishiteru, typically reserved for people who have been dating for a while. Its like the difference between an “I love you” and an “I like you a lot”.

    Next, I have multiple possible reason why Roswaal acted dramatically differently from before One of them is because he, at that moment, has then given up on this timeline. I don’t know why but he looks as if he has dropped his act the moment Subaru had accused him of summoning the snow. After that, he then has this seemingly don’t-give-a-shit attitude as he then kills Garfiel and Ram and then beats the crap out of Subaru. A commenter even jokingly compared it to players in a video game. “Subaru is the kind of gamer who doesn’t pick mean dialogue options so the NPCs don’t feel sad while Roswaal is the guy who saves before massacring an entire town because he can just reload.”

    Another reasoning for why he killed Garfiel by using Ram is because 1) Garfiel is at this moment told that Roswaal is the reason why its freezing outside, 2) We have been shown multiple times that Garfiel is obsessively protective of the Sanctuary. Heck, he even murdered innocent villagers and “probably” Ram for the sake of his sanctuary.3) Garfiel is bull-headed and stubborn. This 3 facts would then tell me that Garfiel would not just listen if Roswaal told him to leave the room. I am certain that would just make Garfiel more annoying to Roswaal. Plus, he even said that, at that time, Garfiel is apparently a match to him due to Roswaal’s injured state. Thus, he decided that dealing with Garfiel would be too much of a hassle and thus killed him.

    As for why Roswaal beat the crap out of Subaru and then let the Rabbits eat him……….. I really just chalk that up to him being a sick a-hole. For the scene with Beatrice, I refuse to believe that its a harem scene mainly because the writer of this story has made it clear that this is not that type of show. Furthermore, Beatrice acting differently from before was even hinted at last episode. The moment Subaru entered the door, Beatrice had began to act differently. Before, she would act dismissively towards Subaru but the moment Subaru entered her library, she appeared to know why Subaru went there. I don’t know why she is acting differently, but I think that her acting strangely out-of-character is on purpose by the writer instead of just a forced scene. I also have a theory that Beatrice wanted to be contracted to Subaru like Puck was to Emilia, but in order for the contract to happen, Subaru must blot out her current contract and thus, think of her as the highest priority. I don’t know but its just my theory. Plus, the fact that she has been trapped for 400 years waiting for someone to end her contract only for that (presumable) person to show reluctance to end said contract, I can kind of see why she started getting melodramatic. Anyways, that’s all I got. I’m tired.

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