I already shared this on Twitter but as a lot of you only follow the blog I thought I would also drop a quick post here. It has just been brought to my attention that I have had the rare pleasure of reading The Unpopular Poplar. And that was baffling to me!

Well, get ready to owe me one because I am just about to point you to a really awesome blog! You are welcome!!! Honestly, Poplar is great and probably doesn’t need my help to grow their blog. You would all have discovered eventually just from the fun posts but why not discover it now? It’s a trick question, there is no reason…

I know it may not seem like a big deal to you guys/gals, but as I type this, there are now six of you following this blog. That’s six more people than I ever expected. Most of the time I just type out my rants assuming that I’ll be the only one who reads them, […]

via Thanks! — The Unpopular Poplar

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  1. Anyone who expresses their excitement with sparkly Dino gets at the very least a click from me.

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