You know how very episode of Tower of God starts off with a repeat of the last few seconds of the previous episode so that the audience can get situated again? Well when my screen showed Anak struggling to free her whip from the ranker’s grip, I suddenly got excited! Like way more excited than I thought I would be.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a show that leans into pure action like this. I’m not saying there’s nothing else but Tower of God is a fast paced plot driven high action narrative and I just realized that I was missing that! And surprisingly, I think the weekly watching may work in it’s favour. It heightens expectation and makes the excitement last even longer.

Unfortunately, as it it so action driven, particularly this week, it means I didn’t take many notes at all. On the other hand,  had a tough time narrowing my screencaps down to an unreasonable number so there’s plenty of those! Yay!

I guess I can always recap the episode. Khum and Bam have been split into opposing groups and they are playing a game of capture the leader with a ranker. Meanwhile Rak, having passed his exam, is just enjoying the show with a light snack. We were all Rak this week….

Tower of God ep8 (23)

Khun’s team, of which he has self appointed himself leader and come up with an attack strategy, is up first. And they are struggling. Except not really because it all went to plan. From what I could tell, most people didn’t seem to know what the lan actually was beyond their specific role. I mean pretty almost no one knew the full plan but most people didn’t even seem to know half of it. And I’m thinking that’s on purpose. Giving people too much information can confuse them. Maybe even make it harder for them to perform their specific part since they are thinking about the big picture. Sort of a reverse missing the forest for the trees… Admiring the forest and smaking head first into a tree? I get why Khun would stick to need to know info. But it’s tricky…

Kuhn’s plan was brilliant. Well thought out and he had taken every variable into consideration. That magic replication bag Kuhn carries around gives hm quite and advantage but it’s more than that. He’s a capable fighter and an indomitable spirit and most of all, Khun is the smartest guy in the room. You know what the problem is with being the smartest guy in the room. Eventually you aren’t. And then what will Khun be?

One nice little touch was seeing how both Bam and Rak were cheering their former teammate from their respective sidelines. Bam even though he was on the opposing team. But of course, that’s Bam for you. You wouldn’t expect anything else of him. Uncomplicated “goodness” personified. I wonder if they will ever add any nuance to his character. I don’t mind the blunt personification. I think Tower of God is the type of story that can really work with trite characters. (The used trite in the episode…) With the universe, action and motivations all being so complicated, not to mention the Khun of it all, simple characters are a welcomed foil.

What was more surprising, at least to me, was Rak’s steadfast and unquestioning faith in Khun’s abilities. Sure Rak and Khun bicker but it’s obvious they both understand and respect the other’s strength. However, Rak never even considered the option that Khun could get outplayed. It was a simple fact for him that Khun is the smartest guy in the room. Either Rak is more observant and aware than I had given him credit for. The are playing him as a dumb oaf and I suspect that’s probably not quite right. Or he really believes in Khun. Go figure.

Eventually for Khun’s plan to have come together as it did, it means he figured out the secret to the team assignments. How? I’m not sure. However, if it is truy based on the scout’s friends form then that makes the scout position way more important than it seems. I guess it’s a nice way to show how bond, be they of actual friendship or just convenience, are crucial to making it to the top of the tower. In which case, my poor little Ho just raised yet another flag at the end of this episode. He obviously failed to learn that lesson and it will likely cost him dearly.

I don’t know why I decided to turn Ho into a sacrificial lamb. I mean I do know, he’s kind of a stereotype. And although Tower of God has a lot of odd and interesting elements, it does stick pretty to tropes in a fairly straightforward way, at least so far.

Not every story needs to be a subversion, some have to be classics after all.

I just wrote all this and next week Tower of God will have Ho find a wealth of determination and strength within his heart that saves the day and ves him a free pass to the top or something and I’m gonna have to just swallow every single one of my words and pretend not be embarrassed at all.

In the closing act of the episode, it was Bam’s team’s turn.. Or should I sa Endrosi’s team since she nominated herself both leader and “it”. Endrosi and Khun seem to get along and moreover they think a lot alike. Still, for everything to succeed, it means that team B has to play their part as well. Especially as it seems Quant will prove difficult to control.

Endrosi is already scheming something. That much is clear. Bam probably doesn’t know anything about it. I mean even if she told him he probably doesn’t know. Just the type of guy Bam is. I figure he’s going to do some quick bitter growing up when either Khun betrays him (temporarily and cause he had no choice, they’ll make up eventually) or Rachel betrays him (more permanently cause the audience isn’t attached to her as much). I’m just going hog wild with the assumptions. But cmon, the betrayal of the trusting and magnanimous protagonist by someone they hold dear is a right of passage for a character that naive. I’m going to have to eat so many words…

At the end of episode 8 this is where I stand. Khun is too smart for his own good and I don’t think he’s had enough of a humility lesson yet. Maybe that sister of hs will make an appearance. I’m really worried for Ho and Bam will probably be ok for another season. Cause there will be another season right? There’s only 4 episodes to go and we’ve barely scratched the surface here!

Tower of God ep8 (57)

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  1. On the topic of Bam getting betrayed, it’s worth noting that all the characters we have back stories for who are climbing the tower have all faced betrayal in some form or another…

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch the anime adaptation of Tower of God for a hot minute now. I read the Webtoon a few years back and it was really heckin’ good. Reading your review has convinced me to start watching it. Great post!

    1. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. It only covers the first chapters so far but fleshes them out quite a bit

  3. Oh, I think Rak is very perceptive, in more than one perspective. I mean when we first met him, he ignored an ambush. And maybe it’s just me, but I’m certain he knows that Khun lied to Bam about Rachel, but he kept quiet (out of caution? because it’s none of his business?).

    Also, Khun’s tearful apology felt so laughably off, but I couldn’t tell what he was playing at. His actual plan didn’t occur to me at all.

    1. Oh yeah he knows Khun lied. He was in the room when Rachel explained everything if I remember correctly. It’s fun. I can usually tell where an episode or arc is going but the ride is enjoyable and somehow still unexpected

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