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Between trying to play catch up on both this blog and Karandi’s, I admit I haven’t had much time for anything else. But, I’m almost caught up now which is super exciting! I’ll try to give it a big push tonight and see if I can get the rest of the gallery posts down! Exciting times right? Maybe it’s just me…

I think the character designer of Pet aged up (or down) Satoru really well. You can see how the features logically evolved considering his bone structure and facial expressions. The same cannot be said for Hiroki and Tsukasa. Who were certainly cute kids but did they get plastic surgery or something?

I continue to think that the Pet shop has brilliant ambient light and was a great choice for setting from a visuals stand point.

If you were wondering what my header pic actually was, it’s the second one in this gallery. I like it. It’s sort of In/Spectre fuchsia. I’m naming colours after anime now. I have issues.

Oh wow guys, I’m super slow. I just realize these characters are colour coded. Tsukasa is a blue oni and Hiroki is the red one. I feel so slow. They even make sure scenes in which one character is dominant are filtered through their colour…. The Pet shop is Tsukasa’s idea and essentially a gilded cage for Hiroki, that’s why it’s essentially blue (bleu green at least). Tsukasa is in power there. Memories that are being brought out and pinned down by Hiroki are usually more orange tinted.

Yay…it only took me 10 episodes to notice. Go me. clearly I’m not qualified to make these posts.

I’m not sure if Satoru has a colour. I want to say yellow but that’s probably just because of his hair and I’m super simple that way….

Generally speaking though, the scenes he is in tend to be much brighter. As in they have more light in them. You know, cause he’s just such a good guy. This show can be sort of obvious but at the same time, it’s a cool touch. Honestly the director is way better with visuals than early episodes would have lead me to believe.

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