Well it’s that time again, the time when I finally get my lazy behind in gear and answer some tags! It’s grey and snowy in Montreal today so I figured this would be the perfect time to revisit the Sunshine Blogger award and happily I was recently tagged by the wonderful Merlin with some fun questions to answer.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed answering them!

However, let’s get some formalities out of the way first!

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Now, The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.

Thank you Merlin!Go read his post guys.

2) Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.


3) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

OK, I’m going to go for 5. 11 is too much and most people I know have probably already been tagged. My 5 have probably already been tagged but oh well…

4) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

You know, there are a lot of sunshine blogger award logos

Nice, now that we got that stuff out of the way, we can move on to the fun part!

1. Who is your favorite celebrity crush, real or fictitious? By all means, include a picture.

Still and always, Integra Hellsing. And with pleasure:


2. What would your Patronus/spirit animal be?

The pen-tailed treeshrew :


  1. If you suddenly had superpowers, what would they be (you can pick up to three of them) and what would be a practical day job to use them in?

Realistically it would probably be something like “sense the passing concerns of sea snails” or “be uncomfortable in any situation” but if I could actually choose, I want to fly. It’s silly I know but I just really do. Without an airplane or anything. There’s something really primal within me that looks to the sky! I would use it to hide from meetings!

  1. Be it the Shire or the Federation of Planets, storytellers tend to make up some society which is their ideal. Mine is an extended clan of half-demons who prioritize honor, compassion, freedom, and strength. What would yours be?

I’m not a utopian by nature. I have a soft spot for people with flaws and failures to overcome. Seeing as I am a huge lover of diversity however, I would probably favour a society with a huge range of value systems and instincts. A fragile equilibrium always at the brink of revolution and evolution in which the clash of both cultures and morals creates infinite potential for growth, change and by counterweight destruction.

  1. You are captain of a starship that has discovered a habitable planet. What did you name your ship, and what would you name this planet?

I named my ship Livingston. As for the planet… you know I attach a lot of importance to names. I’m not sure I would be comfortable naming an entire planet. I would give it a nick name though. Maybe Little Prince or Campanella.

  1. You can visit three worlds from anime/books/TV/etc., for twenty-four hours each. Which ones do you visit and what do you do while there?

Oh wow.. this one is though! OK 24 hours is not a long time. If I get to know people I’ll be sad to leave them and if I adventure, let’s face it, I’ll get killed. For sure. I’m amazed I haven’t broken my neck falling downstairs on my way to work yet. So, I would eat or drink.

This means I have to find the 3 worlds with the best food and/or drinks. OK, I’m narrowing it down to anime. Food Wars seems pretty obvious, I wanna have a Foodgasm. Also I want to visit Yotsurio Biyori and get some of that sweet matcha chiffon cake. I love matcha. And I should probably go to at least one bar… How about Hinamatsuri, it would be a great story to tell! After all, who else will be able to boast that their favourite bartender is 9 years old…

Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-_2018-04-05_21-07-00
high fantasy and kitties
  1. What is a book, comic/manga, or game you’d love to see in a cinematic form? Or the other way around, what is a movie, TV show, or cartoon/anime you’d love to read in written form?

I really want to see a few visual novels get the anime treatment. Lamento is one and Hashihime of Old Book Town. These are little known so there’s almost no chance of it happening, but both had expansive universes and interesting narratives that would lend themselves very well to adaptation.

  1. What is your favorite color?

I don’t know… pink or grey but sometimes teal. Is rainbow a colour?

  1. Your favorite supernatural creature is real. What is it, and can humanity coexist with it?

Yes, I know it is. You know, I don’t actually have a favourite. Any of the trickster archetypes, Kitsune, small gods, Anansi… And they definitely can coexist with humans, it’s way more fun that way. Well maybe not for the humans…

  1. What would love to get for Christmas, or a birthday?

Another season of Natsume and Noragami!

  1. What are your most and least favorite parts about blogging?

Hmmm it’s not really about blogging but it’s something I’ve been exposed to because of blogging. That would be the constant (occasionally vicious) online bickering about anime. That stuff wears you down, man.

by Acco1018

YAY, I made it

  1. Is there anything you would like to change about/add to your blog? (It can be a feature)
  2. If you could be like a character form an anime/book or movie, who would it be and why?
  3. What’s the best ting about you?
  4. The craziest dream you’ve ever had?
  5. What’s the most useless talent you have?
  6. If you ruled the world, how would you settle disputes?
  7. Describe a new taste!
  8. If you woke up in your favourite anime world tomorrow, how would you prove that you’re not just some cray person who thinks they’re from another reality?
  9. Name something ridiculous that you believed was true for an embarrassingly long time.
  10. Is there anything you would like to make bigger?
  11. Next time you get tagged in one of these, what question would you like to be asked?

As for my nominations:

This said, if you want to answer these – Please do!!!

Macaron Rini


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  1. The pen-tailed treeshrew is an awesome spirit animal. Treeshrews are hard to classify to begin with (having been moved from insectivores to primates and then into a class of their own, with the matter not being considered settled), but even among treeshrews the pentailed one stands out in a class of its own. According to wikipedia they have the “ability to ingest high amounts of alcohol”. They go on to say “However, how pen-tailed treeshrews benefit from this alcohol ingestion or what consequences of consistent high blood alcohol content might factor into their physiology is unclear.”

    It’s my hypothesis that this allows them to do anime drinking games.

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