• Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Studio: Pierrot

This show is a real roller coaster but no where near as exciting as the 2018 Winter Games. Don’t know what I’m talking about? What else is new?

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.47.33 PM
is it just me or does Hase seem like he’s faking it?

Ok, I don’t know what to do with this show anymore. Maybe the studio can hear me through the TV? Maybe I’m an anime god with very limited powers? Maybe episode 2 was a blip? In any case, this episode is back to pretty much the exact format of episode 1, namely lighthearted jokes and gags sprinkled around a surprisingly serious look into one of the main characters’ life.

I’m assuming this show will take a more or less otome structure and we will be treated to these expanded backstory episodes for each of the characters. I don’t mind it. Our nice bot of the week was Yuu and his story brought us a softer more warmhearted tale with laugh out loud moments traded in for gentle smiles.

As usual, they go overboard on the drama and the climax scene is almost comically overblown but it’s very short and seems simply over-earnest rather than clumsily manipulative. In fact, I was impressed with the deft hand used to give good humored eye candy Yuu some actual depth of character. If we ignore the above-mentioned scene, the episode was overall rather delicate in it’s depiction of a loving brother in a little over his head and at a loss for what to do next.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.50.02 PM
dude, it’s just carrots!

Although just a start, the texture added to Yuu’s character definitely fleshed out his personality and made him drastically more interesting, even with his shirt on. Trading useless manservice scene for a glimpse of megane service was really the way to go. Good Job Pierrot!

The remaining characters were relegated to supporting roles which they fulfilled with relish, heavyhandedly pantomiming the power of friendship trope. As a shonen devotee, I lapped it up.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.49.35 PM
great job

If they tone down that drama just a bit, this could be an unexpectedly enjoyable show. In fact, they didn’t even push the Sanrio merchandise that much. I mean, I obviously want a hello kitty cookbook now but that’s just a coincidence, right?


Plot: Shu will have a falling out with the football (soccer) club

Character: Yuu will use gratuitous English

They may have gotten the better of me last week but that’s just cause I’m pacing myself. You should probably go see Astral Gemini, Leap and TPAB, while they’re still in the running.

Image result for sanrio boys episode 3 gif
I found it here

11 thoughts

  1. I personally Yuuri was out of line, but Yuu is much better off as lost megane onii-chan with broken smile than shirtless fanservice boi.

    Still, the preview makes me think that the series is going to follow this pattern for a while. At least for 3 more episodes. Then we’ll have 6 episodes to see how these crazy boys decided to do a play.

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