You know I can’t resist a screen cap gallery, especially one full of pretty characters. I’m only human guys!

I must admit, I had very few expectations for the first episode of Given (or the show in general for that matter) but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I talked it all over with with Karandi over on 100word Anime. It was fun!

But we don’t want to clog up her nice clean blog with ridiculous amounts of screencaps, so instead, let’s do that here!

see what Karandi was talking about. The opening scenes where in a slightly desaturated softly warm palette. Even the accents are generally warm. Ueno’s friend has a yellow T-shirt, the guitar is red and Mafuyu is just generally orange. But it’s not to vibrant and aggressive.You can also see how bright the school is compared to Mafuyu’s home. Foreshadowing? No clue…

The jam session was a bit more dynamic so the colours are a touch more saturated but the same soft warm palette is present with an abundance of orange. Even the outdoor nighttime scenes are full of warm light.

Finally in the last act, the colours intensify and we get a much more tangible feel to the images. It gives the impression of the real story starting!

Do you like this mini image commentary I’m trying out? I hope so cause it’s really fun to write!

5 thoughts

  1. The format’s a good rundown of the visual dynamics. I like it. I also like the show. This might be both a good BL and a good music show, which is a rare combo.

  2. I love seeing the episode laid out like this as it makes you really think about how they put it together. I think we made a good choice with this anime. Should be fun to watch and seems like they are going to give us lots to talk about.

    1. I did enjoy seeing the images divided by act. It let’s the subtle effects become noticeable

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